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"Lack of Communication" is a fanfic by the author Truth on Archive of Our Own. It serves as a continuation of Godzilla: Final Wars as it catalogues the human characters' first steps to rebuild society, their concerns that more Xilians could be out there, and what to do about Godzilla. It is notable both for its introspective quality, a characteristic not particularly associated with the Godzilla franchise, and for being one of the rare fics in the fandom to focus on the human characters rather than the kaiju.


It can be read here.

"Lack of Communication" includes the following tropes:

  • Americans Are Cowboys: Captain Gordon briefly dons a cowboy hat while meeting with Commander Namikawa. There's no reason given, though he may have just been doing it to troll her.
  • Continuation: Of Godzilla: Final Wars, mostly from a human perspective.
  • Continuity Nod: At one point, Kumoro and Ozaki find film reel of Godzilla communicating with Anguirus, probably a reference to Godzilla vs. Gigan.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Downplayed with Ozaki, who is very good with Kenta and is adored by Minya. That Godzilla doesn't instantly incinerate him is probably a good indication that he's got something special as well.
  • Impeded Communication: As the title implies, the main theme of the fic is that humans have collectively lost contact with one another. Meanwhile, Ozaki is trying to hunt down Godzilla, who has never really communicated with humanity either.
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  • Last of His Kind: Ozaki, both as the last mutant and the only survivor of M-Organization. The ending implies he might be able to find more mutants, eventually.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Anna and Captain Gordon, from Ship Tease in the movie to a proper couple.
  • Running Gag: Whenever Ozaki makes contact with Minya, the baby monster immediately gives him a huge hug, much to Ozaki's displeasure.
  • Walking the Earth: Ozaki's plan for himself at the end, to help reestablish communication between peoples.