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Kataang Island Adventure by The Autistic Patriot (formerly Cody The Pikachu) is a Fan Fiction that takes place around five years since the end of the Hundred Year War. It's noted for displaying nudism, a semi-feral island tribe, and a dinosaur.

Aang and Katara decide to have a vacation five years after the war ended. So they decide to go to an uncharted deserted island in the middle of the ocean and have some fun, including living in the nude. But when they see that the island really ISN'T deserted at all, they become part of an island tribe and help their new tribemates with problems on the island. What's more, Aang and Katara have captured the interest of their leader, Aratak.


Kataang Island Adventure is already finished, and a sequel is currently being worked on. There is a rumor of a prequel bound to happen

Kataang Island Adventure and its sequel provide examples of:

  • A Threesome Is Hot: Aang, Katara, and Aratak get together for one night.
  • Breast Attack: One of the islanders fighting Aang and Katara burns the latter's breasts with Firebending. Due to having Healing Hands, however, she gets better.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Sharpclaw the raptor is a raptor who attacks the island tribe...until it's revealed that he does so to help his mate raise their chicks.


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