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Fan Fic / Kane And Lynch Last Stand

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"Don't worry about it." She shrugged and looked out the window. "I hated [Kane] and the others for a long time because of that. But I managed to put it behind me."

Cari Rose, shortly before betraying Kane

So, this is where I describe my fanfiction, I suppose.

Made by troper Slash Prower, Last Stand takes place after the ending of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men in which Kane tries to save his men while keeping his daughter safe. One of the men dies, and the other (Shelley) ditches him. It ends with Kane holding his dead daughter's body on a boat, while Lynch is badly hurt. Kane is obsessed with hunting down Shelley, who he blames for his daughter's death and hates for running with the 2 million dollars that was to be split up among the men at the end of the mission. He contacts a member of a group who he may or may not have betrayed, a sniper named Cari Rose, in order to get to a man (Alex Drake) who can track down Shelley. He drags a half-comatose Lynch along with him to Chicago to meet the two and work something out. It goes downhill from there.


Currently in progress, with 5 chapters and measuring 14,410 words. It is probably the only Kane and Lynch fanfiction that has gone past 1 chapter, something that the author is not sure she should be proud of.

It can be found here.

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