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Fanfic / Izuru Kamukura's Cuddly Toy

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Izuru Kamukura's Cuddly Toy by Suitov is a fanfiction based on an Alternate Universe for the anime Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. It was published on Archiveof Our Own.

The fanfic follows the immediate aftermath of Izuru Kamukura's creation from his own perspective as he becomes hostile towards the scientists and throws anyone that tries to touch him. The scientists, unable to get Izuru to cooperate and Izuru, not particularly willing to cooperate, are left at an impasse for the first day after Izuru's creation.


Then, 1 day and 3 minutes after Izuru's creation, one of the scientists opens the door to his room, shoves a toy inside and closes the door again.

From that point onward, the fanfic becomes mostly a soft, sweet story of Izuru, his love for his titular cuddly toy, who he names Dandelion, and his life in the facility he's kept in. He learns that fluff is the best thing in the world, messes with the scientists and generally ponders about things. The fic also features the pairing of Izuru Kamukura/Nagito Komaeda though it only comes up later on.

A companion fic by the name of Nagito Trash-Fire Komaeda Donates himself to Science was published as well. This fic is three chapters long and follows the perspective of Nagito throughout some events during the first fic. Please the first fic before reading this one though.


A short collection of (mostly) canon-compliant onshots has also been released under the name Observations of Homo floccosus domesticus. This collection also spoils the original story so, again, read the first fic before reading this one.

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