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After Jurassic World was released, many people wrote fanfictions about it. One such story was that of It's not the Raptor DNA, a story about how the Indominus Rex from the film actually had human DNA, and was a person in a dinosaur's body. It was very successful.

Inspired by it, Harry Leferts created his own Jurassic World story, The Scaly Raptor, where Owen Grady finds a magical amulet that allows him to shapeshift into a raptor, as well as understand them. Both stories went in wildly different directions, but they never crossed over.


It's Not the Scaly Raptor DNA is a Fusion Fic of the two universes, in which after the initial events of INTRDNA, Owen finds the amulet and transforms. Now, with Raptor Squad, Elise the Indominus Rex, and Claire by his side, things are going to get pretty weird in the park.

It's Not the Scaly Raptor DNA provides examples of:

  • Adaptational Heroism: Dr. Antonio Romano. While he wasn't evil per se in the source work, he was complicit in at least some of Bridges' crimes. Here, he saw that Bridges was hopelessly insane and was the anonymous source who called the cops on what he was doing, getting the man sentenced to an asylum.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: Deconstructed with the troodon. There are two tribes, but one is just isolationist, and the other as brainwashed fanatics. Thanks to their previous experiences, Gerry and Jess actively hate them both.
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  • Ax-Crazy: Rexy uses Madre Del Diablo (mother of Carnifex and mate of Sobek) as an example to Elise. While she finds it admirable that Elise wants everyone to get along, some are like Madre and are just evil or insane and don't give you a choice for peaceful coexistence.
  • The Dreaded: Troodons. Jess and Dr. Gerry, who fought them before, are normally extremely friendly and kind to everyone, but they outright state that the Troodons deserve to be wiped out, describing them as "Real Life Xenomorphs." Raptors and Dilophosaurs, even though they're "exempt" from Troodon predation, still fear them. And one of the two packs of Troodon has a fanatical belief that humans are just animals that deserve to be incubators for their young. It doesn't help that they have bites that cause paralysis, upon which Troodons will lay their eggs in your body to keep the eggs warm and give the hatchlings something to eat when they hatch... *while the host is still alive*.
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  • Fangirl: Rosenclaw is a fangirl for Not-Prey (read: Humans) and has a collection of human artifacts that she's scavenged, including firecrackers, a toy bat'leth, a lighter, and Charlie's football. Oddly enough, she's a troodon.
  • Fusion Fic: Between two fanfictions of Jurassic World.
  • Out of Focus: Events that happened in the source works are typically mentioned as having happened off-screen, such as Blue finding (and eating) a toxic frog from "Scaly Raptor," or the events which saved Elise in "Raptor DNA." If the scene was changed due to the changes in the timeline, it gets expanded upon, but usually not to the degree that original things are.
  • Secret Keeper: People who know about the Amulet and those who can transform. While some stumble upon it (like Barry, Claire, and Masrani), many of the others are told because it makes sense and helps keep the secret (the ones manning the cameras and Zara, for example).
  • Space Western: What Blue's descendant (also named Blue) found herself in, apparently.
  • Spared by the Adaptation:
    • Zara lives, unlike the two sources.
    • Masrani as well, as per Scaly Raptor but not "Raptor DNA."
    • All of Raptor Squad, as per Scaly Raptor canon, which is somewhat unusual given that Charlie died in Raptor DNA.
  • Take That!: Daemon Bridges, a highly controversial character from "Raptor DNA," is arrested and put into an insane asylum before the story begins.
  • Translator Microbes: Because Owen got the amulet working and can understand Elise easily, he slacks off on teaching her sign language. This backfires, because since sign language is what is necessary for *others* to speak to her, the decision of Elise's personhood is much closer (she still gets personhood though).
    • When Owen tries out the sounding chamber for the Raptors, he's able to understand what it's saying this time. This means that he understands *instantly* when he accidentally makes a mating call.


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