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Fanfic / Invader Zim Wish

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Wish is a fanfiction made by Jaywings, a crossover between Invader Zim and The Fairly OddParents!.

After an awful day at is school made worse by a new substitute teacher, Dib gets a Fairly Godparent - Poof.

Here a link to the story: Wish

There are three chapters, and it has now been cancelled.

This fanfiction series contains examples of:

  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: At first glance, Ms. Bridgewater looks like a caring teacher, but it turns out she's just as cruel as the rest of Dib's classmates, giving Zim the kindness Dib desperately needs, and calling Dib a monster and a bully.
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  • The Bully: Ironically, Ms. Bridgewater, supposedly an anti-bully teacher, bullies Dib.
  • Bully Hunter: Deconstruction. Ms. Bridgewater is an anti-bulliing teacher, but not only does she think the wrong person is a bully (namely Dib) but her constantly yelling at Dib shows she is no better than the bullies.
  • Continuity Nod: Dib mentions that he met another wish-granting creature, and that it didn't end well.
  • Dead Fic: Unfortunately.
  • Evil Teacher:
    • Ms. Bridewater, who bullies Dib.
    • Like in canon, Ms. Bitters, who hates all her students.
  • Fairy Companion: Poof was assigned to be Dib's fairy godparent.
  • Hate Sink: According to the author, he made Ms. Bridgewater to be this — a hypocritical character that everyone would hate, and sevenval of the readers do hate her, even the Zim fans, but In-Universe she is well liked by her students, even Zim, except for Dib of course.
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  • Hypocrite: Ms. Bridgewater constantly yells at Dib for "bullying". In other words, she's bullying him.
  • Lesser of Two Evils: Dib wishes Ms. Bitters back as his teacher, viewing her as the lesser of the two evils compared to Ms. Bridgewater.
  • Sadist Teacher: Ms. Bridgewater, who targets Dib and Ms. Bitters, who's a equal rights opportunist who hates her students equally.