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Fanfic / Instruments of Time

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Time has been damaged, and heroes and villains clash to gain control of the artifacts needed to repair it.

This is one way you can summarize the Fanfiction called The Instruments of Time.

The plot is that time itself has been damaged by unknown means and now there is no more set timeline. Beings from all over the universe's timeline and those of the other worlds that live in it have been thrown to this new timeline...but the danger of time collapsing is still evident.


The only items that can stop this are the fabled "Instruments of Time" and multiple groups are looking for them. Some are heroic and wish to end this threat to the universe. While the others are evil and wish to use the Instruments to remake the universe in their image.

The teams are devised by readers who submit them, they are allowed to give one good team and one evil team for their construction (provided they obey the rules set by the writer, Adrogoz, that concern team forming.)The link can be found here.




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