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Holy Diver is a Danganronpa and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crossover by Zatroopa which focuses on Dio Brando, the main villain of the latter series, replacing Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba as the main villain of the former series. Dio has begun the Mutual Killing Game in order to make the world submit by having them watch the last beacons of hope kill each other off. With them gone, he can truly start his ascension and kickstart heaven. Thankfully, Naegi and his friends are more than willing to fight against the mastermind and end his plans. Will they succeed against this Mastermind who is even more ambitious and perhaps more dangerous than Junko ever was? Read here to find out.

Has a currently Running sequel named Jo Jos Despair Filled Adventure , where Junko And Mukuro replace Dio in the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. You can read it on Spacebattles over here.

The fic can also be found on Spacebattles and Archive of Our Own, they can be found here and here respectively.

This fic has examples of:

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Kyoko Kirigiri does this when Naegi is mortally wounded and she realizes that their lives are completely at Dio's mercy.
  • All Your Powers Combined: Boulevard of Broken Dreams can mimic any stand it sees and add its powers to its repertorie. Also Izuru like in Canon.
  • Anger Born of Worry: Murralsee tries to warn Kyoko Kirigiri that rebelling against the Ultimate Master will result on her death and that this is not a mystery to the consternation of Kirigiri, that can't understand why would a mechanical avatar care.Until is revealed later that Murralsee is the resurrected Jin Kirigiri, her father.
  • Anyone Can Die:
    • Yoshikage Kira kills Hiroko Hagakure and Takaaki Ishimura, both of which discovered Kira's identity.
    • Kyoko Kirigiri, Nagito Komaeda and Ryouta Mitarai suffer this fate in the final arc, despite surviving in the main series.
  • Bittersweet Ending:
    • Komaru, Fukawa, and Rohan are able to stop the Warriors of Hope, Dio, and Kira but Hiroko and Takaaki are still dead. On the bright side the Towa City Rescue Team is formed with Oingo and Boingo, and they can now help save people using their Stands. Pink Dark Boy is also moving onto a new part which Rohan promises to be more uplifting, showing that he has moved on and accepted his new life.
    • Naegi and co stop Mitarai and Dio one final time, but Komaeda, Kirigiri and a majority of the Future Foundation are now dead, Munakata has traced off somewhere to combat rogue Stand users on his own, Seiko and Ruruka's friendship might never be repaired, and the Class 77-B will be forever remembered as monsters. On the bright side, Dio is now truly dead, and the future as a result looks all the more brighter.
  • Break Them by Talking: Dio MO, in Nanami's words "He tears people down so that they'll either lay there and die or worship him."
  • Came Back Wrong: Anyone resurrected by Dio gets their will stripped and proceeds to mindlessly praise him.
  • Cessation of Existence: Chiaki Nanami's fate after being punched by Holy Diver thanks to its special ability to remove Effect.
    • Also the fate of Jonathan Joestar.
  • Classical Anti-Hero:
    • Komaru Naegi is this. Due to being locked in an apartment for two years, she's shocked and freightened by the state of the world and simply wants to leave Towa City. However her sense of morality makes her stand against the Warriors of Hope should she encounter them. Her esteem is also extremely low, making her think that she's ordinary and thus cannot do much to change the situation. Rohan and Fukawa wish to prove her wrong and take her out of this mindset, in their own Jerkass way.
  • Composite Character: Word of God claims that HD!Dio personality is a fusion between PB!Dio and SDC!DIO.
  • Cult of Personality: Ultimate Despair is this towards Dio, bringing their fanaticism to religious heights. The Warriors of Hope even see Dio as akin to a god.
  • Defiant to the End: Sakura and Naegi.
  • Eleventh Hour Super Power: In Holy Diver IF Jonathan manages to get to Chiaki's execution on time, realizing that Dio would kill Chiaki with Holy Diver he through sheer willpower awakens The World in a last ditch effort to save her.
  • Evil Is Petty: Dio.
  • Faking the Dead: Dio manages to survive dying from his classmates' ambush, and uses Holy Diver to stop his heartbeat when Sakura and Kirigiri try to hear his heartbeat.
  • False Friend: Naegi sees Dio's friendliness as just him attempting to satisfy his own ego, while Dio believes he simply is manipulating Naegi. The reality of their relationship is very much ambiguous.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: Yoshikage Kira and Haiji Towa switched bodies because of Haji's Stand. Haji was killed in Kira's body due to Kira's murders being uncovered, and Kira ended up taking up Haji's identity instead.
  • Hope Bringer: Makoto Naegi like in the original series and that being now his Stand power.
  • Hope Crusher: Dio. comes with hope being one of the major themes of Danganronpa and Dio being a total dick with ambitions of godhood.
  • If I Wanted You Dead...: Murralsee does this on his master behalf in an attempt to make Kirigiri realize that discovering his identity will achieve nothing. Then Dio does it on his own.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: Weaponized by Livin' On A Prayer, his Hope Bullets can heal, empower and reach the heart of a person and if they were brainwashed allow them to regain control as long as they want to.
  • Just Toying with Them: Dio makes very clear on his narration that the only reason of why the surviving students up to that point had any form of sucess on their ambush is because he wish to crush their hope when its at the highest.
  • Kneel Before Zod: Dio demands this in exchange of forgiving their lives and saving Naegi.
  • Loophole Abuse: Komaeda gets the last laugh on Dio through offering him his body. His cancer-ridden, dementia afflicted, that haven't received proper treatmeant, body.
  • Mix-and-Match Man: Giorno is now the genetic clone of Dio and Jonathan, created as Project Haruno by the Steering Committee in case Project Izuru didn't pan out.
  • New Era Speech: Dio gives one after revealing Holy Diver, in attempt to make the last surviving members of class 78-B realize how pointless is rebelling. Dio in general loves giving those.
  • Never My Fault: Dio accuse Jin of this, in an attempt to take credibility away from his words.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Dio is a fan of those. In the first chapter he gives one offscreen to Togami and in chapter 3 to Sakura.
  • Odd Friendship:
    • Naegi and Dio's highly ambiguous relationship. Naegi's appearance is the definition of ordinary while Dio is extremely handsome and fit. While Naegi is most of the time unintentionally philisophical, Dio espouses philosophy to put forward his world views. Naegi believes in hope and helping others, while Dio simply wants to control and dominate everything as well as everyone.
    • Jonathan and Class 77. Jonathan is a British boy raised on very old standards of what it means to be a true gentleman. The rest of his class consists of extremely eccentric individuals who, while friendly, would turn away some people from a first impression. However thanks to Chiaki and Jonathan's natural kindness as well as politeness, they are able to become True Companions to the point that when they become Ultimate Despair they mourn Jonathan's death and build him a makeshift grave.
    • Komaru with Fukawa and Rohan. Both are jerks that constantly make fun of or belittle others as well as each other (Who, after the Tragedy, are now basically the definition of Small Name, Big Ego since people have more important things to do than read their work). Rohan even criticizes the manga Komaru likes and alongside Fukawa criticize her tendency to be a coward. However Komaru's forgiving personality and Character Development cause Fukawa and Rohan to respect her and she sees them as close friends.
  • Pose of Supplication: Dio demands this specific pose from Kirigiri.
  • Rousing Speech: Naegi like always. Exaggerated now that the power of his Stand depends on him doing this.
  • Saying Too Much: Celestia runs her mouth a little bit too much during her execution. Murralsee kills her on the act before she reveals anything really sensitive.
  • Screw Destiny: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Requiem: Don't Stop Me Now! Can negate Fate to ridiculous levels but can't change things that already happened.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Rohan is an insufferable mangaka with a high opinion of both himself and his manga... yet the only reason he's top in the sales is because most of the other mangakas stopped producing their work in the wake of the tragedy. And even before then, sales for Pink Dark Boy have been decreasing due to the Morioh Town arc.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Yes more people died but at least some were saved like Seiko Kimura and Ruruka Andou.
  • Stupid Sexy Flanders: Naegi couldn't help but notice how Dio could make something as mundane as leaning against a door look like a pose.
  • Undying Loyalty: Much like Pucci, Ryota Mitarai has dedicated his life to Dio who he sees as a friend. And the feeling is mutual. As a result, he's utterly dedicated to bringing about their shared vision of "Heaven".
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Rohan Kishibe can be a jerk but pretty sure not even him thought that his words would have affected Ryota Mitarai the way they did.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Dio every single time that he realize that his plans are going to hell in a handbasket.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change!: Komaeda's Get Lucky can create a Miracle or a Tragedy when one of the statues is full, Hinata's Don't Stop Me Now! Can tell Fate to take a hick.