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History Repeats Itself is a Hunger Games fan fiction, by the author Author of Ice and Fire. This is a story about the first Hunger Games, and it explains many things, including the the bloodbath was named, how the games were named, and how they started.

History Repeats Itself includes examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Vesper's and Reese's dads are abusive.
  • Action Girlfriend: This is one trope that is used quite often especially in Boldia and Maglly
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  • Children Forced to Kill: This is what the Hunger Games are all about.
  • Deadly Game: The tributes are in the Hunger Games, where kids fight to the death.
  • Even Evil Has Standards Tesla isn't evil, she's manipulating Vesper (and has given him a drug, though she didn't want to) she feels bad about it, and is doing it because she doesn't want to kill.
  • Fallen Hero: Reese went from the supposed unstoppable heroes to deciding she would have to hurt and kill if she wanted to help her family. Slightly inverted because she made the decision for a good reason.
  • Girl of the Week: Milo has girlfriends of the month (it's not a week, shhhh don't tell anybody)
  • Involuntary Battle to the Death: Nobody wanted to participate in the Hunger Games.
  • Professional Killer: Andromeda Eriae is an assassin.
  • Rebel Leader: Volt Tron and Tully Doyle shared this position until everything went to hell for their alliance
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  • Boy Next Door: The ship Riarc is an example of this. Arc Malvina is in love with the "out of reach" spy Riri
  • Rebellious Spirit: There many rebels in the story (a whole alliance of them), but the three who show the trope the most are Adia James, Volt Tron, and Tully O'Doyle.
    • Adia is a definite rule breaker, that will argue with anybody, including her fellow rebels to ensure what she thinks is best is done, and even spoils their plans. She saves Reese from being handed over to Riley.
  • Sadist: Riley Byron
  • Sympathy for the Devil: This is what a few of the readers start to feel when Riley Byron's backstory is shown.
  • You Meddling Kids: Without the tots, Riley would currently be on his reign of terror.

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