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Hex-citment is a one-shot Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose fanfic by Marx810.

Jon intends to celebrate Beltane with Tarot but ends up spending the night with Raven Hex instead. As she continues to toy with him, which one will snap first?

The fanfic can be found on This fanfic's story is later continued in the sequel Hexy Tales.

Hex-citment provides examples of:

  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Downplayed. Raven practically rubs it in Jon's face that he is jealous of Tarot's on-the-side "relationship" with Boo Cat.
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  • Everyone Has Standards: Boo Cat, who is established as the kind of werecat that strips down whenever she gets the chance and fondles Anything That Moves, found Jon's "new relationship" with Raven Hex impressive because she scares the hell out of her.
  • Lampshade Hanging: A recurring thing in this story is having the various recurring tropes of the source material lampshaded, ranging from Jon being used as a glorified sex toy by various magical creatures to the various awkward positions they are forced in together.
    Raven: Do you remember a few winters back when I…angered that frost fairy princess? Me and Tarot were kidnapped by those living snowmen?
    Jon: …yeah…I tried to save you and…er…
    Raven: You ended up losing your balance and falling face first into my vagina.
    Jon: …that happens a lot…
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  • Lemon
  • MacGuffin: Raven Hex was there waiting at the Black Rose Estate for some sort of object she let Tarot borrow that she needs to celebrate Beltaine. The reader never finds out that it is, but from the way Raven hex dances around it because Jon is easily embarrassed, it is probably sexual or explicit in nature.
  • Taught by Experience: Jon tries avoiding the Black Rose Estate around their holidays since each time he comes, he usually winds up "addled in some sense, in the fairy realm, where [he] proceed[s] to stick [his] penis into any and every magical being with a vagina."
  • Thanks for the Mammary: Jon accidentally cups Raven's after mistaking her for Tarot, since it was too dark for him to see. She later zaps him with a truth spell so that he confesses that he actually does like them and asks permission to touch them (after some prodding of course).
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  • A Threesome Is Hot: Tarot's "Beltaine gift" to Jon seems to be a threesome with her and Boo Cat.


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