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The Hades & Seph Saga is a series of fanfics written by Agent of Teal (formerly named DitzyMinx) based off of the 1997 Western Animated Disney film Hercules.

Original Continuity
  • Plight of Persephone
    • After the Titan 'incident' Hades is outcast and alone, he comes across Persephone who is also lonely and something sparks. Can they really make it work, or will the many obstacles threatening to break them apart succeed...
  • Immortal Wife Insurance
    • It's Hades and Persephone's first anniversary and everything is perfect... at least it is until Persephone discovers Hades has a back-up wife.
  • An 'April Fool's' Errand
    • When Hades discovers a little known Roman celebration based around him the fiery god decides to bring it to Greece, by playing the Ultimate April Fools Prank on his mother-in-law!
  • Persephone's Perfect Present
    • Once again Hades has let his work distract him... He overhears Persephone and learns that she thinks a big sentimental gesture would be 'nice' on Valentines Day... and when is that? Only in TWO DAYS?.! ...Can Hades get the perfect gift for his leading lady in time?
  • Daddy's Little Hellraiser
    • After much difficulty Hades and Persephone manage to conceive a child.. but there's trouble lurking nearby as Hecate is planning an Underworld takeover...
  • The Importance Of Thanatos
    • Life is hard when your a little godling growing up in the Underworld.. but as Thanatos gets older the Fates begin to take a serious interest in him.. what do the sisters of destiny want from the son of Hades?
  • Macaria Go To Bed
    • Directly linked to The Importance of Thanatos chapter 41: Who's Death is it Anyway? Macaria just won't go to bed... how can Melinoe get her to stay in her room?
  • Birds And The Bees Oh Geez Louise
    • Uh-oh... Birds and the Bees? It can only mean one thing... it's time for some Sex Education! But with a teacher like Hades what chance does Thanatos have?
  • The Problem With Melinoe
    • Thanatos has become very arrogant since T.I.O.T and Hades had always loathed arrogance. Time for him to lay on the retribution.. But that's not all that's getting on his wick! Melinoe has a boyfriend but she doesn't want her hot-headed father to find out who it is, why not?
  • An Afterlife With Macaria
    • Hades had always known from the moment he looked into those big odd-eyes that Macaria was going to be different from his first two children... the problem is he didn't realize just how different she was going to be...
  • Plight Of Persephone 2019
    • Gritty Disney reboot of Plight of Persephone.

House of Mouse Continuity
  • House Of Twisted Toons
    • The Villains are plotting revenge... Hades juggles playing villain and 'perfect date' as it's Persephone's first time in the House of Mouse... What will the other Disney toons make of her? What will the goddess make of them?
  • Jafars Disastrous Dates
    • Join Jafar on his quest to find his 'ideal woman'... will he ever be able to find a woman that could truly understand him?... Probably not with Hades playing Cupid...
  • All You Really Need Is An Evil Deed
    • Thanatos and Alcezar are fed up with villains like their dads Hades and Jafar always getting a bad rap...
  • Trick And Treating
    • With the parents attending Mickey's Hallowe'en Ball their childern are all out trick or treating... but the villains kids have ideas of their own...
  • My Valentine From Tartarus
    • Savannah has a date with Thanatos! But with Eris scheming to break them up and Than curious to discover Sav's 'inner dragon' will it end well? Only one way to find out...
  • Professor Von Drakes Extrordinary Time Contraption Thingy
    • It's been eight years since the House of Mouse closed and on the first night it's reopened Professor Von Drake unveils his brand new invention... a time machine!
  • The Two Sides Of Death
    • When nobody volunteers to help Professor Von Drake test out his latest invention Thanatos offers just to keep 'this show on the road'.. However, when it (predictably) backfires Thanatos must work up the courage to confront the 'Grim Reaping' side of his personality in order to pull himself together again...

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