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Fanfic / Gray Morality

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Gray Morality is a Crossover Fanfic between The Familiar of Zero and Touhou Project.

Gray Morality contains examples of:

  • Adaptational Heroism: Wardes. Thanks to Remilia's fate powers killing Sheffield in a freak accident and giving Henrietta dreams that made her a better ruler. In this story, he's firmly on Louise's side, and a good husband to her.
  • Big Bad: Remilia Scarlet.
  • Blind Obedience: A trait Sakuya abhors in a maid.
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  • Double Agent: Wardes for Henrietta.
  • Evil Debt Collector: Turene the tax collector.
  • Flipping the Table: Remilia loses a game of chess and flips the table in anger.
  • Irony: Remilia Scarlet has the power to manipulate fate, a power often represented by moving pieces on a chessboard. She loses a game of chess as a Funny Background Event in chapter 4, and it's implied this happens a lot.
  • It Amused Me: The reason for literally anything Remilia does. She instigated the entire plot, though admittedly she didn't know what she made happen until four years later, because she was bored and wanted something interesting to happen.
  • My Mistress Right Or Wrong: Sakuya does not care about "right or wrong," only the wellbeing of her mistress.
  • Not So Above It All: Sakuya successfully works as an undercover waitress and has no problem playing Ms. Fanservice for the middle-aged perverts. She takes note of Louise's inability to mop, serve food, or perform any of the functions a waitress is expected to; and how she blows up at the perverted customers. But when Turene turns his comments about flat chests to Sakuya and, more importantly, mentions pads, both of them punch him.
    Sakuya: In the war against big-breasted women, Miss Louise and I were noble warriors. Did that disgusting human really dare to imply I wore pads? I should kick him in the throat for good measure.
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  • Off with His Head!: Henrietta makes an example of Turene with a shiny new guillotine.
  • Point of Divergence: Four years ago, when Remilia Scarlet wished for "something interesting to happen," are when the first non-canon events begin in Halkeginia.
  • Undying Loyalty: Sakuya to Remilia.