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Fan Fic / Ghosts Of Our Pasts

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Ghosts of Our Pasts is a Tales of Vesperia Fanfic written by "Jade Teh Necromancer", known here as Jade Curtiss. The story takes place 2 months after the game ends, and features almost every character from the game. When a Mage loyal to the game's antagonist, Alexei , gets set free from prison, it's up to the Brave Vesperia to stop this madman, named Galanth. But this tricky wizard does not fight alone. On his side are several villains from other games in the Tales Series. Plenty of action, some drama, and your daily dose of comedy await those who read this story. The author even includes links to music that would be used, were the story an actual Tales game.


The story attempts to fill in the blanks in everyone's story, and resolve their issues. Even minor characters like Tison and the Twins have Character Development.

It is updated almost bi-daily, and can be read here


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