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Fusion Impression is a Steven Universe fanfic written by John Cribati

It initially starts out as a Fluffy one-shot where Steven and Connie end up fusing to share Connie's pain during that time of the month, but it continues (to the author's apparent confusion) with Dr. Maheswaran finding Stevonnie for the first time, and her misguided concern for her daughter leads to her accidentally insulting them. All of them.


She must eventually come to terms with her daughter's growing independence as well as her relationship with Steven and all that may entail.

The fanfic can be read on FanFiction.Net here or on Archive of Our Own here

This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Dramatically Missing the Point: By the end of Chapter 2, Priyanka accidentally implies that fusion is Steven's way of taking advantage of Connie. He does not take it well.
  • Emotional Maturity Is Physical Maturity: When Priyanka finds Stevonnie, they unfuse with Steven crying as a much younger boy. When she assures him that they are not in-trouble, he changes back.
    "Uh... sorry about that. Still not that good with shapeshifting. Sometimes I'm only as old as I feel I am."
    Dr. Maheswaran chuckles. "There's a power I wouldn't mind having."
    "I almost died of old age," Steven counters. Simultaneously, Connie says "He turned into a baby once."
    She cringes. "... I'm not sure which is more terrifying."
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  • I Want Grandkids: Having seen that Steven and Connie's relationship is pure and genuine, not only does she give them their blessing, but she then sees Stevonnie as what she would picture their kids to be like.
    Priyanka pecks him on the cheek. "Our grandchildren are going to be gorgeous."
    Doug freezes.
    "Curry, you said?" Priyanka continues with a grin. "I hope you didn't use too much paprika like last time."
    Doug stands by the door, his brain desperately struggling to reboot. Finally, he manages to utter a single word.
  • Realpolitik: Whereas the Crystal Gems view fusion as an expression of love and relationships, Jasper sees it more as power-play, similar to how people use strength and social-standings as a means of ascending societal ranks.
  • Split Personality: Priyanka remarks that Stevonnie acts like someone with Dissociative identity disorder whenever they end up talking to each other out loud.
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  • Understanding Boyfriend: When Steven sees that Connie is bleeding, he immediately goes into panic mode and looks for help. When it is explained to him what exactly it is, he is quick to be encouraging towards her and even helps share the pain as Stevonnie.
  • Wonder Child: Priyanka says that they tried to have more children, but they were lucky enough to have had Connie.


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