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Fanfic / Fractures: Side Cracks

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Nearly 7000 years of fighting, suffering, friendships, and loss have passed for Pink Diamond, and she has finally won her freedom. Now, it's time for her to help others heal. A series of vignettes portraying a world where the original rebellion lost and the patchwork of emotions the event caused.

Fractures: Side Cracks is a Steven Universe fanfic written by Space Dimentio, and is the sequel to Fractures. It can be found on Fan Fiction Dot Net (here), Archive of Our Own (here), and Wattpad (here).


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Leave No Survivors:
    Yellow Diamond: Make sure [Pink's gems] are all sent back to Homeworld for interrogation. As for the organics... [t]erminate them all.
  • Pet the Dog: Before she discovered that they were all inert and lifeless, Yellow Diamond decided that the various Rose Quartzes that were bubbled were wrongfully imprisoned and decides to free them.
    • When Blue Diamond poofs a newly formed defective Lapis Lazuli, she was about to shatter her before recalling that Pink really liked off-colors. She then decides that rather than shattering defective gems, she decides to save them for Pink.
  • Rage Breaking Point: When Yellow Diamond discovers the lengths Pink must have gone to fool her and Blue, she loses what little cool she had left and utterly destroys the room she was in.
  • Real After All: Inverted. Just after discovering that Pink Diamond was Rose Quartz all along, Yellow Diamond goes to the Human Zoo and, suspicious, frees one of the Rose Quartzes bubbled there. When it refuses to reform, she pops another and then another until she ends up popping all of them, revealing that they are all just lifeless rocks made to look like fully-formed gems. Realization hits Yellow even harder when it comes to mind the lengths Pink must have gone to sell the illusion (falsify records, fool peridots, fabricate a non-existent kindergarten that the quartzes would have emerged from, etc).
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  • Self-Serving Memory: Yellow Diamond seems to recall how Pink was grateful for the Human Zoo and how much she wanted its construction. Anyone who has seen the show or read the previous fic knows how false that sounds.
  • Settling the Frontier: In the first chapter, the Off-Colors manage to colonize a red planet in the early stages of its development, making sure that they are not encroaching on a planet populated with sentient life.


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