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Forever and Ever is a Pokémon Adventures fanfiction by Ice Krystal, and the AU Spin-Off of her Forever Trilogy series.

"When Goldy reunites his friends, they soon discover a dangerous underground syndicate that experiments with pokemon. And now they're after the legendaries. They will have to unite with the Hoenn and Unova kids to save the world this time."

The protagonist is Gold Junior Kimu (Goldy), the youngest son of Gold and Crystal, and the story is mainly in his POV. The other main characters consist of: his older siblings, Amethyst (Am) and Iolite (Fiori), Navy Kaigun, Topaz and Cerise Rosso, the daughters of Red and Yellow, Cyan and Cobalt Oak, the sons of Blue and his wife, Neela. Jade Sakaki, the daughter of Silver and Green, Rubin and Sapphira Senri, the twin children of Ruby and Sapphire, Esmeralda, the daughter of Emerald and Soul, and Melanie and Finley Delaney, the twin children of Cheren and Bianca.


Evermore, the sequel to the Forever Trilogy, also features the Beta Crew, the children of the main characters, along with the Alpha Crew, the children of the main characters of the Forever Trilogy.

So far, only the prologue has been released but the story already seems promising.


  • Alternate Universe: Of Pokémon Adventures.
    • Actually... averted, but also of the Forever Trilogy above. This is the Beta Line, the original timeline, and Forevermore is the actual Alternate Universe, literally.
  • Battle Couple: Am and Cerise are hinted at this.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Yeah, pretty much everyone. Goldy and Topaz are the best example of this, though.
    • With the exception of Navy and Fiori.
  • Code Name: Each member of Judgement has one, Alpha for Amethyst, Foxtrot or Fox for Fiori, Romeo for Goldy, Juliet for Topaz, Charlie for Cerise, and Bravo for Cyan.
  • Double In-Law Marriage: Actually triple.
    • Am/Cerise (Berylshipping)
    • Goldy/Topaz (Golden-Soulshipping)
    • Orange/Poppy (Honeyshipping)
      • Yeah, but Orange and Poppy are four so it doesn't really count...
  • Five-Man Band: A more literal one here. They actually are a band called Judgement.
  • Hot-Blooded: CERISE
    • GOLDY
      • Quite fitting in Cerise's case since she has red eyes.
  • In the Blood: Everyone. It's Generation Xerox.
  • Mind Screw: The entire concept of the Alpha and Beta universes in the first place, both In-Universe and out. Though it's very simple once you work it through. All you have to figure out is what happened in what universe at a certain point. Half of the kids of the Dex Holders' children were kidnapped when they were five. Alpha Universe: This happened. Beta Universe: This did not happen. Easy as that. Though the most mind-screwish part of it is how different everything is between the universes.
    • First of all, in this universe, it's 2031, while in the Alpha Line, it starts at 4998. The time slots create a huge difference, especially with one controlling factor in the Alpha universe: Synis.
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    • Secondly, the threat level. The Alpha universe shows a war, and the very dangers of that war. The Beta universe is more light-hearted, giving it a better chance for more fun and less-serious things to happen, with less worries and more uplifting factors that can be thrown in, such as Judgement.
    • Thirdly, everyone's personalities just take a huge turn with different events transpiring. See Mirror Self below.
    • Fourthly, everyone's ships are completely different. The only ones that stay the same are Crimson/Indigo and Argent/Perla, the both being minor ships. Especially with the non-existence of other characters, such as Diamonda, Am's wife in the Forever Trilogy, Jewel, Cyan's FT love interest, and Shirou, Cerise's FT love interest.
      • The new ships being as follows:
      • Golden Soul- Gold Jr./Topaz, Beryl- Amethyst/Cerise, Sun- (Iolite) Fiori/Navy, New Rival- Cyan/Jade, Apple- Rubin/Esmeralda, Lucifer- Grey/Sapphira, and other ships consisting of the younger kids, new and old.
  • Mirror Self: Near everyone in this timeline is the complete opposite of who they were in the main trilogy.
  • One True Love: Even their band aliases say it, it's even hinted in the above trilogy that they're going to love each other from the very start and no one else, you have to know it's Goldy and Topaz.
  • Only Sane Man: When you think about it, it's really Cyan and only Cyan.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Cyan and Jade.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Cerise as the Tomboy and Topaz as the the girly girl.
  • Two Girls and a Guy: The three oldest Rosso siblings, Topaz, Cerise, and Crimson.
    • Let's not forget Silver and Green (f)'s kids, Jade, Argent, and Clover.
      • Well, Jade is fourteen, Argent is seven, and Clover is four.
    • Emerald and Soul's children, Esmeralda, Emeraldo, and Heart.
      • A better example since Esmeralda is eleven, Raldo is nine, and Heart is seven.
  • Two Guys and a Girl: Siblings Am, Fiori, and Goldy Kimu, who were all born back to back.
    • Poppy, the youngest Kimu child, doesn't count as there is a biiig age difference.
    • Technically the Frantic kids count, but Kyanite is four, while Rubin and Sapphira are eleven.
    • Diamond and his wife, Ianthe's children count, as they have two sons, Jasper and Diomond, and one daughter, Violette.
  • Unto Us a Son and Daughter Are Born: Two examples
    • Rubin and Sapphira were born to Ruby and Sapphire.
      • Possibly subverted since Rubes and Sapph aren't the only children of Ruby and Sapphire. They have a younger brother named Kyanite.
    • Cheren and Bianca had twins, Melanie and Finley.


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