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The trope is prominent enough in the story it deserves its own page.

  • Because Izuku has a Quirk, several things happen rather differently from canon.
    • Because he has a Quirk, when Bakugo and his posse take their bullying too far, Izuku loses control and uses Cacophony for the first time. Though no one gets hurt, Aldera still ends up damaged beyond repairs and Izuku and Bakugo both end up in different schools.
    • The trauma of losing control drives Izuku to become a Hikikomori until he meets Michiro Honda, who teaches him how Bad Powers, Good People Apply to him. The belief becomes a key part of Izuku's personality.
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    • When Hitoshi transfers to Izuku's school and gets bullied, Izuku jumps to his defense, leading to the two becoming close friends.
    • Because of the nature of Izuku's Quirk, he ends up befriending Denki and Kyoka who end up forming the second part of their band.
    • Having unknowingly met her during the Aldera Incident, All Might-as-Toshinori develops a crush on Inko. When Hisashi ends up cheating on his wife, Inko is more than happy to cheat back with Toshinori, who becomes a surrogate father to Izuku.
    • The sludge villain still attacks Izuku. However, this time, Izuku fights back by accidentally using Apotheosis for the first time.
    • Under Michiro's tutelage, the group develops brand new sets of skills. When the Entrance Exam happens, Izuku gives Hitoshi cans of spray-painted Noises as additional weaponry, which allow him to narrowly pass. Meanwhile, while Denki and Kyoka pass effortlessly, Izuku unleashing Cacophony against the Zero-pointer gives him the highest rescue score of the exam - and the highest score of the exam, period.
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    • Because Izuku, Hitoshi, Kyoka and Denki all helped or were helped by future Class 1-B students, the two classes are much closer than in canon. Notably, Eijiro and Tetsutetsu befriend each other much earlier, same as Tokoyami and Kuroiri. Finally, Monoma comes to respect Izuku and consider him a friend, a far cry from his general antagonism from the series.
    • Having a Quirk he is fully in control of, Izuku doesn't tolerate Bakuo's antagonistic behavior, leading to a fierce hostility between the two. It doesn't help that Izuku can easily match Bakugo.
    • Being so close to Izuku, Toshinori sees first-hand how the kid grows. His decision to pass him One for All isn't a spurt of the moment but a conscious decision he discusses with Nezu and Gran Torino, who both approve. Not only that, he also considers Hitoshi and Mirio as back-up plans.
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    • With the help of Izuku's power, the attack of the USJ happens much differently. First, Hitoshi accidentally receives the ability to Apotheose when he holds a transforming Izuku, who was being dragged by quicksands. Second, Izuku decides to fight Numbers with Numbers and unleashes Cacophony on the League which allows his classmates to regroup.
      • Having been given Ethnicats as Noise partners, Aizawa fares better against the Villains. Furthermore, Cacophony swarms the place before the Nomu can get him, which means the injuries he sustains are less severe.
      • Hitoshi, now able to Apotheose, manages to rescue several of his classmates. When the Nomu attacks, he is the one who fights it, eventually piercing his brain with his stinger tail. Following that, he has no trouble fending off Shigaraki, even nabbing one of his decorative hands in the process.
    • Through the hand's DNA and Shigaraki's comments, Tsukauchi is able to establish Shigaraki is related to Nana Shimura. If All For One tries to use Shigaraki's ascendency against All Might is isn't going to work as well as in canon.
    • Izuku and Hitoshi's powers let them fare much better during the Sports Festival. Though it overall happens like canon, several changes still occur, notably who ends up in the final rounds. Izuku ends up winning the Festival after Quirklessly demolishing Bakugo, while Hitoshi and Denki end up sharing third place.
      • Between Izuku's words and his beating, Bakugo finally realizes he needs to change. though he still goes to Best Jeanist, he is much more compliant and the Work Studies happen more smoothly, Best Jeanist giving actually helpful advice to the teen, who end up forming a tentative friendship with the Pro and finds his Hero alias in the process.
    • At the Sports Festival, Tensei manages to come and watch, meaning he isn't in Hosu when Stain strikes. Instead, Stain targets Michiro's wife, White Swan. Michiro's distress makes it highly personal to Izuku, who is subsequently deemed unworthy by Stain.
    • Tensei being spared by Stain means he is able to take Tenya and Izuku for Work Studies. Instead, Shoto is the one visiting Gran Torino because he needs a Pro his father won't be able to bully.

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