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Once upon a time, /tg/ decided to make an Imperial Guard regiment using the still-in-beta Only War rules. The first few rolls established the regiment in question as an urban/siege fighting unit, with a bilious commander (giving them the Paranoia talent). And then a percentage die was rolled to see how many of the unit that were psykers, and somebody got a 97.

Hilarity Ensued.

Such was born the 1st Membranes (colloquially known as the 'Exploding Brains' or 'Emperor's Powder-Kegs'), a unit created when an Inquisitorial Black Ship crashed on a small forge world, with the psyker cargo spilling out and mingling with the population. Many of the psykers were absorbed into the Imperial Guard regiment stationed there, resulting in an unprecedented 97% psyker population in the regiment (a smaller percent exists in the population at large). The 1st Membranes have fought campaigns against Tau and Orks (in one notable battle fighting against the Scraploota Ork clan, also created by /tg/), as well as putting down the daemons that the men keep accidentally summoning.


At any point in time, you've got Guardsmen hearing voices, Guardsman thinking they're horses, Guardsmen thinking they're Sanguinius reborn, and Guardsmen exploding into tentacles, boils, and boiling tentacles at the slightest provocation. Almost everyone is crazy, and those who aren't probably will be soon.

Yes, it's exactly like that.



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