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The Fire and Ice Universe consists of Fire and Ice , Darkness and Light , and The Legend of Blufire . It is a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fanfiction series by Ice Krystal.

The Legend of Blufire takes place first. Fire and Ice and Darkness and Light go together.

Fire and Ice: "The world will be destroyed by fire and ice. It's up to a Glaceon and her team of explorers to solve the mystery and prevent this from happening. But the world is very dark and evil lurks everywhere. Especially with the Beast."


Darkness and Light: "Sequel to Fire and Ice. The world has ended. The Apocalypse is here. To save the world from rebelling legendaries and the Beast, Arceus has selected the Chosen. Will the Chosen be able to defend the Light and defeat the Darkness?"

The Legend of Blufire: "Prequel to Fire and Ice. Everyone knows about the legendary explorer Blufire. But what really happened to him that made him famous? Join the young Blufire and his friends as they survive in a world at war."

The main cast is different for each story, though there are recurring characters.

Fire and Ice focuses on Team Dusk, which consists of Nyx (a Umbreon), Snow (a Glaceon), Aura (a Espeon), Jet (a Staraptor), Clove (a Bayleef), and Evie (a Leafeon). Later on Nyx and Snow's children, Storm (who evolves into a Jolteon) and Tempest (who evolves into a Umbreon with violet rings) join the main cast along with Demon (a Houndoom), Pia (a Pichu/Pikachu), Xenith (a shiny Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard), and Sterling (a Umbreon with silver rings). Team Fire, lead by Drako (a Umbreon), and Team Ice, lead by Frost (a shiny Glaceon) are the main antagonists.


Darkness and Light returns us back to Team Dusk and Team Eon (Tempest, Storm, Demon), and goes deeper into the prophecy about the Light One and the Dark One. Arceus's Chosen are the ones that will save the world from the Beast (Feogan), and each must conquer one of the seven deadly sins to gain ultimate power. Not only this, but the world is ending.

The Legend of Blufire brings us back in time to when the legendary explorer Blufire was young, and what he had to go through to become so great.



  • Action Girl: Snow, Tempest, Clove, Xenith.
  • Alpha Bitch: Vixen in the beginning of Fire and Ice.
  • The Anti-Christ: Storm is the Dark One.
  • Apocalypse How: Yeah, just HOW is the world going to end?
  • Arch-Enemy: Feogan in Fire and Ice/Darkness and Light.
    • This is unknown in The Legend of Blufire.
  • Babies Make Everything Better: There are so many kids born in Fire and Ice/Darkness and Light it's insane.
  • Badass: Sterling and Nyx are beautiful examples.
    • Blufire as a experienced explorer.
    • Snow can be pretty badass herself.
  • Badass Crew: Team Dusk.
  • Battle Couple: Nyx and Snow.
    • Blufire and Nova.
  • Berserk Button: Whatever you do, DO NOT hurt Shadow's family.
    • Sterling's is his pride.
  • Better as Friends: Snow and Frost.
  • Big Bad: Drako is of Team Fire.
    • Frost/Glacia is of Team Ice.
    • Feogan is of everyone.
  • The Chessmaster: You can either see it as Arceus or Feogan. Or maybe even Fate.
  • The Chick: Alternates with each story.
    • Fire and Ice: Evie/Pia
    • Darkness and Light: Miyu/Grace
    • The Legend of Blufire: Nova
  • Cool Big Sis: Snow could viewed as this due to her younger siblings, blood or not.
    • Tempest.
  • Cool Old Guy: Blufire.
  • Cult Colony: Darkhaven follows Feogan, lead by Anima.
  • The Dark Chick: Vixen is Team Fire's.
    • Glacia is Team Ice's.
    • Anima is of everyone.
  • The Dark Side: Known to us as 'The Beast'.
  • Derailing Love Interests: STERLING.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: Poor Frost. Upstaged by his older half brother, Nyx.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: This one is pretty obvious.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: In Darkness and Light, of course.
  • First Kiss: There are several of these, on screen and off screen.
  • The Hero: Alternates with each story.
    • Fire and Ice: Snow/Tempest
    • Darkness and Light: Tempest/Shadow
    • The Legend of Blufire: Blufire
  • Hot-Blooded: SHADOW. Dude, don't get this guy started. It will end badly.
    • Snow is pretty hotblooded herself.
  • Kuudere: Sterling is Type I.
  • The Lancer: Alternates with each story.
    • Fire and Ice: Nyx
    • Darkness and Light: Sterling
    • The Legend of Blufire: Lux
  • The Leader: Tempest is the leader of the Chosen.
    • Nyx is the leader of Team Dusk.
    • Bellona is the leader of Team Flame.
    • Xenith is the leader of Team Amazon.
  • Love Confession: Snow's raging hormones caused this for her and Nyx.
    • Pia's depression lead to this for her and Storm.
    • The imminent death of Tempest lead to this for her and Sterling.
  • Love Triangle: Meh. Nyx/Snow/Frost. Nyx won, of course.
  • The Medic: Aura is known for her healing.
  • Nice Guy: Shadow, until he unlocked his Wrath.
  • Nice Mice: Pia's a very sweet Pikachu.
  • Oblivious to Love: SHADOW.
  • Only Sane Man: Nyx.
    • Sterling could fit this as well.
    • Same with Demon.
  • Original Character: Everyone.
  • Psychic Powers: Aura is a Espeon, so of course she has these.
    • Same with Miyu, being a Mew.
    • Somno, since he's a Hypno.
  • Relationship Upgrade: This happens a lot.
  • Second Love: Snow is Nyx's.
  • Seven Deadly Sins: The Chosen must conquer these to gain ultimate power to defeat the Darkness.
    • Tempest is Lust.
    • Starfire is Gluttony.
    • Lightning is Greed.
    • Sterling is Sloth.
    • Shadow is Wrath.
    • Grace is Envy.
    • And Otto is Pride.
  • Seven Heavenly Virtues: The Chosen must gain these to gain ultimate power to defeat the Darkness.
    • Tempest is Chastity.
    • Starfire is Temperance.
    • Lightning is Charity.
    • Sterling is Diligence.
    • Shadow is Patience.
    • Grace is Kindness.
    • And Otto is Humility.
  • Sibling Triangle: Nyx/Snow/Frost, of course.
  • Sixth Ranger: Sterling is a perfect example of this.
  • The Stoic: Sterling, once again.
  • Surprise Pregnancy: Snow got this at the end of Fire and Ice. Yay, Shadow is born!
  • Team Mom: Aura is very motherly, more so than Snow, who really is a mom.
  • Tomboy: If Pokemon can be tomboys, than Snow is the poster child.
    • Clove is another good example.
    • Tempest could also be considered this.
  • Tsundere: Clove is extremely tsundere to Jet.
  • Unto Us a Son and Daughter Are Born: Just as Nyx and Snow.
  • Welcome Back, Traitor: Frost ditches Team Ice.
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry!: Sterling gets possessed by the Beast.
    • Shadow's Wrath is unleashed.