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Like father like son, except the son stuck his dick in crazy

Fear the Superhero by xolef225 is a Crossover between Fate/stay night and Sekirei, following the Mind of Steel ending of Heaven’s Feel.

16 years after the 5th Holy Grail War, Shirou briefly returns to Japan to pay his respects at Sakura’s grave. However, at the airport the police want to have a word with him after MBI’s scanners found worrying items in his luggage. Mistaking him for a spy, MBI assigns Karasuba to guard him and after an altercation with another Sekirei and Ashikabi, a fight with Karasuba, winging her and learning about the Sekirei Plan. Shirou decides that duty calls. Karasuba is only too happy to help.

Also available on SpaceBattles, with illustrations from the author.


This fanfic contains examples of:

  • Affably Evil: Shirou is as polite and helpful as ever, unless he decides the world’s better off with someone dead.
  • All for Nothing: Minato and his Sekirei all nearly died getting Haruka and Kuno out of the city, only for Shirou to shoot them down from the other side of the river.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Shirou blows Akitsu’s arm off with a sniper rifle.
  • Anti Idling: Minaka let’s Shirou and Karasuba break the Sekirei Plan’s rules with impunity since he can use the two of them for this purpose. If the Plan’s other participants try to avoid fighting each other to stop the Plan proceeding as intended, then a pair of extremely powerful people whose only motivation is for everyone else to die, will provide a great way to stop things stagnating.
  • Attack Drone: Shirou uses a remote-controlled sniper rifle to interfere in the fight between Homura and Akitsu, in order to safely gauge the Sekirei’s danger level. When Homura tracks down the hotel room the rifle was in, Shirou detonates the bomb he put inside it.
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  • Batter Up!: Karasuba buys a bat at a baseball game and beats the Sekirei and ashikabi who were in attendance to death with it.
  • Best Her to Bed Her: Karasuba wings herself to Shirou when he defeats her in a swordfight and is on the verge of cutting her in half.
  • Birds of a Feather: In 20 years of life, Shirou was the only human Karasuba had ever met who was murderous enough to cause her to react to them.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: Shirou automatically assumes that this would be the case for an alien and usually considers it pointless to even try and understand Karasuba’s viewpoint or motivations.
  • Briefcase Blaster: Shirou is caught trying to enter Japan with two guns in his suitcase, which carries a long prison sentence. Since his suitcase is a mystic code, he shouldn’t have been caught, but MBI’s scanners are too good for even that to get past them.
  • Broken Masquerade: When Fuyuki’s new Second Owner tries to kill Shirou and Karasuba, the ensuing Wizard Duel is too blatant for Shirou to come up with an excuse, so he decides to tell Karasuba the truth.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You: Shirou decides against murdering Karasuba immediately since she’s a valuable source of intel and her help will make killing the others easier. The same applies to MBI as they’re the only ones doing anything to keep the Sekirei Plan quiet.
  • Catch and Return: Karasuba borrows a technique Lancelot’s playbook and grabs the swords Shirou fires at her out of the air and uses them to deflect the rest of his barrage.
  • Chair Reveal: Minaka performs one, in his comically oversized chair, on Shirou when he’s first brought to his office.
  • Clothing Damage: The expensive kimonos Shirou and Karasuba are wearing get completely wrecked during their fights against Macintyre and then each other.
  • Cool Old Guy: Raiga Fujimura may be a Yakuza boss and extremely angry at Shirou for how much his decade long disappearance hurt Taiga, but he readily offers help when Shirou asks and gives Shirou a car and several guns when their business is concluded.
  • Costume-Test Montage: Karasuba takes a long time trying on various kimonos to tease Shirou, much to his annoyance. This display actually manages to convince the Yakuza escorting them that they really are in a relationship.
  • Cunning Linguist: Shirou is surprised that Karasuba speaks fluent English, when she’s never left Shinto Teito. She explains that every member of the original Disciplinary Squad was required to learn several languages.
  • Cutting Through Energy: Karasuba cut through Kazehana’s Razor Wind by swinging Medusa’s dagger at it, causing it to split in half and carve trenches in the ground to either side of her. Minato is bewildered by that working.
  • Declaration of Protection: Not quite protection, as Karasuba would never dream of forbidding or preventing Shirou from killing anyone. But she’s made it clear to him that if he kills Musubi she will be forced to kill him in return and Karasuba will help Musubi and Minato escape from Shirou if she can do so without him noticing. Shirou doesn’t view this situation as worth the trouble of trying to understand.
  • Exhausted Eye Bags: Shirou and Karasuba both suffer from this after their first night together. Rather than sleeping, they exchanged hours of near-unblinking eye contact, Shirou waiting for her to make a threatening move. At some point, they both passed out from exhaustion.
  • Gas Leak Cover Up: Shirou tells informs the manager of a hotel where he’d hidden a bomb about a supposed gas leak to minimise potential casualties. Homura uses the same explanation to Minato as to why he’d been caught in the explosion.
  • Generation Xerox: Shirou is Kiritsugu 2.0 in every way. Goals, methods and wardrobe.
  • Get Out!: When Miya sees Karasuba and Shirou, the first thing she does is hurl a kitchen knife at them and order them to leave her inn. When neither of them comply, it’s only Matsu’s intervention that stops them all trying to kill each other.
  • Hollywood Hacking: Shirou attempts to hack into MBI to gain access to information on the locations of all the Sekirei with absolutely no success. He asks Raiga if he knows any professionals who could help and Raiga immediately tells him that MBI’s cybersecurity is so advanced he should give it up as impossible. It takes learning about the existence of Brain-types like Matsu for Shirou to have a chance at getting in.
  • Implausible Deniability: When Shirou is caught red-handed trying to smuggle guns into Japan the best excuse he can come up with is “That’s not my luggage.”
  • In Love with Your Carnage: Karasuba first starts reacting to Shirou when she watches him murder a Sekirei and her Ashikabi in cold blood. When he immediately tries to kill her as well and defeats her in a fight, she just can’t take it anymore.
    • Natsuo is also this to Karasuba in a platonic way. He finds the state of bitter, murderous misanthropy Karasuba lives in beautiful and sees much of himself in her. He is very disappointed when he sees how happy Shirou makes her.
  • Killed to Uphold the Masquerade: What Shirou plans to do to everybody who knows about the Sekirei Plan, in order to prevent the Mage Association from feeling the need to do extend the death sentences to everyone in Tokyo.
  • Mistaken for Spy: MBI believes that Shirou is a spy trying to learn about the Sekirei Plan. Not without reason, there were two others that very week.
  • Money Dumb: Karasuba has had all her material wants provided to her by a multi-billion corporation all her life, so her understanding of how expensive things are is lacking. Shirou is rather annoyed when she starts wasting his money by ordering everything on an expensive restaurants wine list.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Shirou’s modus operandi. When he sees a Sekirei using magic in broad daylight, he murders her and the Ashikabi with her instantly, without even considering explaining to them why they shouldn’t.
  • My Rules Are Not Your Rules: Shirou and Karasuba are exempt from the rules that the other Ashikabi and Sekirei have to follow. They can murder other Ashikabi with impunity and leave the city whenever they please. Minaka allows them to do this as their indiscriminate violence provides a good Anti Idling mechanic for the other participants and he knows they’ll return to the city as soon as they can.
  • Nonchalant Dodge: Shirou easily avoids Karasuba’s first attempts to murder him in his containment cell. This display causes Karasuba to decide to keep him alive a little longer and let him visit Sakura’s grave.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Shirou doesn’t give a damn about the rules of the Sekirei plan or the prize for the winner. He just wants everyone involved dead as quickly as possible.
    • When she learns of more interesting things than the Sekirei, Karasuba also becomes this, while lacking Shirou's sense of caution. When they come across the defeated Disciplinary Squad, Shirou has to tell her that they should kill the people, who's job is to prevent their other targets from escaping the city, last.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Karasuba has spent her life, bored with being the strongest Sekirei, with no knowledge of anything else. Once she learns of the moonlit world, she discards her plans for omnicide and desires to travel the world with Shirou, killing the strongest things they can.
  • Older Than They Look: Takami comments that Shirou definitely doesn’t look 33.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Shirou asks Karasuba to get dressed, the first morning they spend living together. She ignores him.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Shirou and Karasuba are terrible at explaining both the situation and their motivations to each other. Things somewhat improve between them once Shirou lets Karasuba in on the masquerade and she decides to fully commit herself to helping him end the Sekirei plan, instead of dragging things out for her amusement.
  • The Power of Love: Sekirei’s strength is drawn from the strength of their bond with their Ashikabi. During their second fight, Shirou notices that Karasuba has gotten noticeably stronger and faster than she was before he winged her.
  • Refuge in Audacity: When Takami learns that Shirou and Karasuba are trying to take a flight out of the city, she orders that every car not belonging to MBI be stopped and searched when they arrive at the airport. Takami completely misses Shirou and Karasuba, as they ordered one of MBI’s cars to chauffeur them to the airport instead.
  • Sex Is Violence: Shirou wonders why Karasuba starts looking progressively more ill when he first fights her. When he breaks her katana, she looks as though she’s about to faint.
  • Shadow Archetype: Shirou and Minato. Minato's current behaviour is eerily similar to Shirou before he fought in the Holy Grail War. Only time will tell if history will repeat.
  • Shadow Pin: Shirou stabs Karasuba’s shadow with Black Keys to immobilize her. For some reason, it’s completely ineffective.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Shirou wears a black suit at almost all times.
  • Spit Take: The MBI employee monitoring the Ashikabi’s financial transactions does one, when he sees that Shirou was trying to leave the city by booking plane tickets. The employee was incredulous that anybody thought an escape attempt that obvious would actually work.
  • There Is Only One Bed: Shirou assumed he would be living alone and so only bought a one-bedroom apartment. Karasuba then turned up. The second mattress Shirou orders takes a surprisingly long time to arrive, for some reason.
  • Tongue Trauma: Shirou considers biting Karasuba’s tongue off the first time she kisses him but decides ingesting the blood of an unknown magical creature would be too risky.
  • Villains Out Shopping: Minato first bumps into Shirou at a grocery store and the two have a friendly interaction. Subverted when Shirou and Karasuba go to watch a baseball game. They’d tracked down a Sekirei and Ashikabi who were there as well.
  • Villain Protagonist: Shirou and Karasuba plan to murder, at minimum, hundreds of mostly innocent people. Shirou might have good intentions but Karasuba has no such excuse.
  • What Does She See in Him?: Having not had the opportunity to see Shirou in action, the rest of the disciplinary squad are baffled as to how such a seemingly polite, unassuming man is Karasuba’s Ashikabi.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Shirou’s magecraft has bleached his hair white, helping him fit in with the other Sekirei villains.
  • Wrecked Weapon: Karasuba is far too strong for the weapons MBI outfits her with to not break when she swings them, unless she greatly holds back. She becomes far more dangerous when Shirou gives her access to his far higher quality Projections.

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