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Fallout: New World Hope is a Fallout: New Vegas fanfiction series by Riley1sCool. It focuses on three travelers who march through the Mojave Wasteland, dedicated to tracking down an evil Legionary. It is told episodically similar to Digital High, and acts as an Alternate Continuity prequel to Fallout: New Vegas.

Psychotic scientist London Lesley decides to recruit ex-Powder Ganger Alex Daves to steal something for him. However, Alex wants nothing to do with it. The two are eventually targeted by the mysterious and violent Iuvenalis. Allying with an NCR Ranger named Eden Darcy, the two hunt down Iuvenalis. And, by the way, London makes it clear: Freeside is not an okay place to live.


Sharing in similarity to Digital High, it was deleted alongside a good bit of the creator's work. In a surprising twist of fate, a Director's Cut and a sequel, Old World Wounds, have both been announced. The Director's Cut was posted eventually, but Old World Wounds is nowhere to be found.

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