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Austin is new to the former continent of the UK, and arrives just in time for a war. He ends up getting in between the Railroad and Brotherhood as well as the Super Mutant Clan led by the dangerous Yuwen and how he fights the war depends on what he does, who he recruits and who ends up surviving the London Wasteland.

That was the introduction of a fanfiction titled Fallout: Europa. Taking place in the titular Fallout universe, the story follows the events surrounding Austin Hyperion, fast-talking gunslinging who despite his wish for a safe and free existence just can't seem to help get involved in gunfights everywhere he goes and risk his life for questionably valid motives on a near daily basis.


The story takes place not long after the events of Fallout 4 in the distant land of post-apocalyptic Europe. Austin, being a newcomer fresh of the boat from the Commonwealth is thrust into a whole new situation, and by a short series of misunderstandings and bar fights manages to quickly become involved in the various factions in this new region, some familiar such as the synths and the Brotherhood of Steel, and some all new such as the SMP and Yuwen's army, all duking it out in a melting pot of ideologies, plots, and, in typical Fallout style, gunfights.

Lots of gunfights.

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Fallout:Europa provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Adaptational Heroism: The Brotherhood of Steel is much less ambiguous than they are in Fallout 4, which likely comes from the fact that, with the threat of a giant Super Mutant army closing in on all human settlements, they have a much clearer — and much less morally questionable — enemy to fight.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Alison lost an arm "back in Quincy" and had it replaced with a mechanical one.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Austin is a pretty amicable guy and fun to be round and talk to. He's also responsible for nearly a dozen on-screen deaths by chapter 5. All over the place really. It seems that the best way to survive in Europe is to automatically assume, no matter their mannerisms and level of kindness, that they are packing heat and that they will end your sorry existence if you give them cause.
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  • Black and Grey Morality: The humans and synths in the story, protagonists included, tend to be of the scrupulous sort and not have many qualms with the sin-filled world around them. They're still all better than the horde of blood hungry psychopaths that make up the Super Mutant army.
  • Crapsack World: Metroport is in a tight spot right now. Super Mutant army coming from the east, Brotherhood of Steel moving in from the north, and a corrupt as hell police force in the form of the SMP. On the bright side, the citizens seem to be taking new developments in stride.
  • Darker and Edgier: Than Fallout! Granted, it's less that the game is especially dark (in terms of disturbing imagery and low standards of living, it's about the same as Fallout: New Vegas) and more that the main character doesn't have the luxury of game mechanics tailored around making his life easier.
  • Fantastic Racism: Austin doesn't seem to like synths very much, though for the same reason most people do; they're unknown and kind of creepy. It might also have to do with a group of synths being the ones who provoked his first gunfight upon entering Europe. It does help that when he meets perfectly friendly synths he can still be perfectly friendly back.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: "WOO! BAR FIGHT! DIE, BITCHES!"
  • Reality Ensues: The lack of video game mechanics really puts into perspective just what our protagonists really have to go through.
    • Bullets hurt. Plasma hurts a lot.
    • Stimpacks are causing your regenerative system to go on complete overdrive. That comes with some serious medical side effects, such as being on the can for about 30 minutes. Still yet to see what spamming them while still taking bullets might do, but Austin sure doesn't seem eager to find out.
  • Suicide Mission: Austin and Alison's first mission with the OC faction "the Paladins" is described as this. For pretty good reason. Granted, their superiors still really hope they succeed, and maybe even survive too.... they're running out of soldiers.


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