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Megan and Bridgette were two normal college girls in Gotham until one day, they blacked out. When they wake back up they're in the middle of a heinous crime scene and all evidence points towards them. Soon they're thrown into Arkham Asylum with the most evil criminals in existence. Questions arise. Are they insane? Will they ever get out? And most importantly: Are they guilty?

Two girls are being sent to Arkham after being found in the scene of the murder of several people, covered in blood. While they have no recollection of what happened, the evidences point to them as culprits.

While they try to understand what happened, there seems to be someone actually controlling them without their knowledge.

The story is written by two friends and can be read here, it counts with Moments of Awesome, but also with Nightmare Fuels and Tear Jerkers.


Falling in Deeper provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Bridgette and Megan when necessary or when being controlled show to be this. Naturally, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn as well.
  • Adult Fear:
    • Your daughter is being accused of mass murder and has run away and is now God knows where.
    • There is a lot of pressure on Bridgette's father, since he works with the police. and then she tries to call him...
    I wasn’t even sure why I dialed this number. Then I just desperately wanted to break down and say "Daddy?" Like I was still a little kid. And just tell him where I was so that he could hold me and protect me tell me its all going to be ok. But, that would be so much more trouble that it was worth. I didn't want to put my Father in that kind of situation.
    "Hello, is anyone there?" Suddenly his voice turned steely the voice that made some of the guys at the station cower in terror. "This better not be a reporter! I don't know where my daughter is! Quit calling!" The phone clicked again as he hung up. I could imagine my father staring at the phone, tempted to throw it but then storming away in a rage. […] It wasn't just hearing his voice that made me break down, it was the raw pain in his voice when he said daughter. I hadn't heard him sound like that since my mom died.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Poison Ivy starts calling Megan “Rosebud” and Bridgette “Gardenia”.
    • Emily used to call them Bridge and Megs since they became friends.
  • And I Must Scream: Being thrown in a solitary is already bad… Megan’s time is taken up to eleven.
  • Alpha Bitch: The prize goes straight to Lacie.
  • Aloof Ally: Poison Ivy shows to have a soft spot for the girls. How much of an ally she is, it’s not clear, but she at least wouldn’t hurt them without a good reason.
  • Ax-Crazy: The Mad Hatter, so it’s pretty disturbing when he starts calling Megan ‘Alice’..
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  • Bedlam House: It’s Arkham, what did you expect?
  • Berserk Button: Whatever you do, DO NOT mention Emily to Megan and Bridgette, just don’t.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Cam for Megan.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Lacie.
    • Possibly Emily…
  • Blond, Brunette, Redhead: Bridgette and Megan are brunettes to Ivy’s redhead and Harley’s blonde.
  • Blood-Splattered Innocents: Megan and Bridgette. However the innocent part is open to debate.
  • Break the Cutie: More like destroy, crush and break the cutie…
  • Broken Bird: Megan and Bridgette oh so much
  • Body Horror: Emily’s corpse.
  • Darker and Edgier: The fic starts with the girls getting send to Arkham and waking up there. You can even think it’s just about them dealing with it and the investigation about whether they are innocent or not… And then in next chapters things seem to get more serious.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Both girls cross it hard.
  • Downer Beginning: The story starts with them being sent to Arkham and they waking up there.
  • Dream Sequence: However sometimes you can’t say when they are dreams or hallucinations.
  • Driven to Madness: In a disturbing way.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: The fic has not ended yet, but man, do they deserve it…
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Some of the rogues show a bit of it…
  • From Badto Worse: Being send to Arkham accused of mass murder with no idea or memories of what happened is bad enough right? It can’t get worse, right? Oh, wait…
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: Seems to happen to Megan when she is in solitary confinement.
  • Hate at First Sight: The Mad Hatter and Bridgette, which leads him to call her Red Queen.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: The ones behind the scheme of mind-controlling that send the girls to Arkham in the first place definitely counts.
  • Insufferable Genius: The Riddler sometimes acts like this.
  • Kick the Dog: Lacie. She meets Bridgette in an alley, the girl is hurt, just ran away from the Scarecrow, is being accused of mass murder, has no idea where her best friend is… And what she says?
    “That's such a shame because I understand so MUCH about you and what's her name again? Oh, yes Megan. You two have been through a lot haven't you?” She giggled into her palm amused at my bewildered expression that I couldn't repress. She tilted her head, “Do you even know where our dear Megan even is? Looking at what a mess you are, I bet she took off the first chance she got. And now she's living the high life while you're here covered in blood and weak beyond measure. She probably didn't even look back, she probably forgot you. And I thought she was the weak one, how wrong I was.”
  • Mysterious Past: Everything regarding Emily.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits!: While not sisters, Bridgette and Megan are very protective of each other when some of the rogues show interest in them.
    Megan: “That's it!” I exclaimed “I'm sick of you chauvinist men fighting over Bridgette like she's a piece of land! She's a "human being", the fact that she's female doesn't change that!”
    Riddler smirked in delight while Crane blinked up at me disinterestedly. "Did you just refer to me as chauvinist?" he asked crisply.
    “Poop yeah I did! Just because you're a little brainiac doesn't mean that you're not a pig. I mean,” I gestured at him, “just look at you! You have two men living inside you! And frankly, your roommate is slightly perverted.”
    He raised an eyebrow in response. “I-”
    “Okay, correction, maybe a lot perverted,” I amended. “Honestly. He's just plain out kinky.”
    “Carrying on though from your mental handicap, and this goes to both of you, I won't stand to have you use Bridgette anymore! She could do better than a million of you combined. Just because she's not in her right mind right now doesn't mean that you can take advantage of her like you have been.”

    Bridgette: “You won't get away with this Red Queen,” The Hatter's voice rang off the walls as we were lead to the C wing. “Alice is mine, and I'll kill you before I let you have her.”
    “Oh, shut it!” I said “She's not Alice, I'm not the Red Queen, and for future reference: she doesn't even have blonde hair!”
    I heard his over exaggerated dramatic gasp as the steel doors slid open to the C wing. “Take that back. You don't know anything about my Alice!”
    “You almost suffocated her, you bastard!” I yelled, stopping and turning around to glare at him. He was standing behind me with clenched fists. “I promise, she wants nothing to do with you! You're just a delusional freak that can't grasp simple reality! The 'Wonderland' you live in is not real!”
    His eyes flashed with madness and he was fixing to charge.
    “You're not going to take her away from me. SHE'S MINE!” He bellowed.
    “Where did you even get the idea that she's yours!?” I shrieked, stalking closer to him, the guards had yet to get involved. And the rest of the Rogues were watching in rapt attention.
    “Your little 'world' you live in. With the nonsense around every freaking corner! Is. Not. Real.” I said the last three words to him in a low dangerous voice. I turned sharply on my heel and walked into my cell, calling out “If you lay one finger on her again. I swear, you won't have ANY fingers left to lay on anything!”
    "You won't get away with this Red Queen!" He said getting dragged into his cell by three guards, while he was trying to lunge out of their arms to probably try and murder me in a bloody fashion. When he was shut back up in his cell, a guard shut my cell door after taking my cuffs off.
    "Watch me!" I spat. This guy was such a creep! He was not gonna have anything to do with Megan if I have anything to do about it! I figure if I'm actually gonna become a murder and criminal I should start with protecting Megan as well as I could, even though i'm not exactly adept in that kind of thing.
    “I stand by my earlier statement, and revise it as well; You do have a death wish.” I could practically taste the condensation that Riddler used.
    “No, actually I have a wish to keep my friend alive and not chopped up into little bits by a deranged psycho.”
  • Person of Mass Destruction: It’s not clear the extent of what they can do, but Bridgette and Megan killed several people with their bare hands and then there are the powers they didn’t know they had.
  • Stalker with a Crush: It’s a… Complicated case. The Mad Hatter has delusion that Megan is Alice. The Scarecrow wants to experiment his fear toxin in Bridgette and the Riddler sees her as a puzzle to figure out. They're are also interested in them in that way...
  • Sanity Slippage: They are falling deeper in insanity.
  • Spiders Are Scary: Bridgette happens to fear spiders a lot.
  • There Are No Therapists: Oh, there are, but if they are useful is another story…
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: The killing in Ground Zero, in which the girls are found.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Both girls regarding Emily, reason why seeing her dead traumatized them to the point they can’t talk about her.


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