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Elsword: The Awakening is an ongoing fan fiction that is written by TheBlackDuelist, author of The Gamer – Restart. It is an AU fiction featuring all of the main protagonists of the original Elsword video game.

The story is set two years after the defeat of King Nasod at the hands of the El team and peace has been restored to the world of Elrios.

Deciding it was best to go their separate ways, they agreed to split up and follow their own paths. With a new threat approaching, can the El Team come together again and put a stop to it?

To sum it up, the story is a sequel to the first half of the story and that everyone has now advanced to their second job advancements and are ready to continue their journey to stop the incoming invasion by the Demons.

The Job Classes for each character are as followed (WARNING SPOILER ALERT):


  • Elsword has become a Lord Knight; spending the last two years training rigorously with the Knights of Velder to become a much more powerful swordsman. He honed his skills excellently and easily rose to the rank of Division Commander in less than a year, earning him the respect and admiration of every citizen in Velder Kingdom.
  • Aisha has become an Elemental Master and studied relentlessly during the time skip to be enrolled in Magician's Academy as a Mage instructor. She is known as the "Void Magician" back in her hometown for her unpredictable magic and personality.
  • Raven has become a Reckless Fist and has been traveling across Elrios in search of a way to completely control his Nasod arm through lost Ancient Nasod ruins.. He has been training in solitude ever since and has become accustomed to using the arm.
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  • Rena has become a Grand Archer and after she returned to her Elf village, she took it upon herself to become a Elf Guardian and protect her people. As she became an exceptionally more accurate archer and gained a proficiency to use wind magic, her patience and elegance sharpened though she's still as frightening as ever.
  • Chung has become a Deadly Chaser and has become the prince of Hamsel and leads a rebel army against the Demons.
  • Eve has become a Code Battle: Seraph and has become the Queen of Nasods, creating an entire kingdom of lost Nasods underground. What her plan is at the moment has yet to be revealed.

A character page is under construction.

The fanfic is divided into separate arcs at the moments:

  • Gathering The El Team Saga (Chapter 1-8)
  • The Feita Saga (Chapter 9-?)
  • Velder Collapse Saga (Chapter ?-?)

Available to read here..

The series is currently in hiatus.


  • Abandoned Mine:
    • The Bethma mines were originally abandoned but thanks to the King of Bethma Village, all of the men entering the village were forced to go down there and work. Thanks to the Ancient Bone Dragon, the Abandoned mines were completely sealed off and all of the mineral that were dug up were lost.
    • That is until we found out that Jak dug up most of the treasure and hauled it out before the mines were decimated.
  • Arm Cannon: Thanks to the time skip, Raven has improved his Nasod Arms ability of producing combustive bullets and can now shoot even missiles out of his arm.
  • Armor-Piercing Slap:
    • Rena delivers a good one to Restina's husband in Chapter 5 when he had completely neglected his wife and left her to go off into the mines. Despite his intentions being good to make some money, the way he went about doing it was completely wrong and he had to learn the hard way not to leave a woman like that.
    • It was averted with Raven as he was afraid Rena would do it with him as well, but she hugged him instead.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The most prominent example is Raven's Nasod Arm. While it does grant immeasurable strength and destructive capability, it will slowly drain his sanity away the longer he uses it and it will eventually turn him into a blood thirsty maniac that will attack and destroy anything that gets in his way.
  • Backstory: Every character has a "tragic" back story that pushes them forward to their goal.
  • Beware the Nice Ones:
    • Rena has been constantly shown to have a "dark" side to her, and making her upset or annoyed is an action that should be avoided at all costs. Though, it seems that she has learned to control her outbursts of mental frustration better over the time skip.
    • In Chapter 6, we're shown that Rena has an extreme dislike towards anyone making fun of her pointy ears. That one bandit had a first hand experience towards this. .
  • Bishōnen: Chung, Elsword, Raven, and Lento.
  • Boobs of Steel: Rena, Rena, and Rena.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Everyone has named every single ability they possess and will usually call it out during battle.
  • Came Back Strong: The El Team came back with huge leaps and bounds in their ability, but the one's who have shown the most improvement are Elsword, Raven and Chung.
    • To put it in perspective for both of them, Elsword used to be a strong but sloppy swordsman who Raven could defeat while holding back a great deal of his strength. Cue timeskip, Elsword is the one who has to hold back against Raven who is in no way weak but his swordsmanship has become inferior to Elsword's.
    • For Chung, he used to be weak but a very skilled gunsman that while wasn't completely useless, his skills were nowhere as polished and useful as the rest of his friends. Come the time skip, and this guy can blow all of them out of the water with his newly improved dual pistols and destroyer.
    • Raven also holds a place in most improved fighter as his first appearance in Chapter 6 shows him curb stomping the crap out of the Ancient Bone Dragon, a monster said to be incredibly resistant according to Aisha.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: After training for two years, every member of the El-team are dishing these out in freaking spades.
    • Rena defeats an entire army of bandits that surrounded her and Aisha in less than a minute in Chapter 4.
    • Chapter 6 gives us Raven defeating a freaking dragon with nothing more than two slashes and a kick to the head.
  • Cyborg: Raven is a half human/Nasod robot in order to continue living.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Raven, Eve and Chung have them, but Raven definitely qualifies for this trope the most.
  • Elemental Powers: Even though all of the El Team can use elemental abilities to some extent, Aisha is this trope as her abilities rely on it.
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: In a world with monsters and blood seeking demons... this is obvious.
  • Foreshadowing: In Chapter 2, the author gives strong hints of some sort of agreement with the King of Bethma and the King of Hamsel. Also, in Chapter 4 one of Lento's men were killed as he was trailing the King of Hamsel so the author is heavily hinting that Hamsel's king has gotten involved with some freaky stuff.
  • Gainaxing: Even though the author never directly mentions the name, you can see instances in his work where his friends will be quite distracted by Rena's amazing bust.
  • Hidden Elf Village: Rena's hometown in practically this in Ruben where only a small number of humans are aware of its location. It appears in Chapter's 2 and 3.
  • Kick Chick: Even though her preferred weapon is the bow, she has undergone training to strengthen her legs and can destroy boulders with a single kick. Raven and surprisingly Elsword know a great deal of martial arts as well and occasionally switch to using their legs.
  • Medieval Stasis: Velder Kingdom is pretty much a replicate of a medieval town as there are knights walking around in full armor, carriages carried all across the town, and even jousting contests held yearly.
  • Never Split the Party: Despite loving being side by side with one another, the El Team inevitably had to split up as there roles in saving Elrios had come to an end. Two years later, another threat has come knocking and the El Team has to get back together.
    • Aisha is found in Chapter 1 in her hometown as a Mage Instructor for an academy that houses students who wants to become mages.
    • Rena is found in Chapter 2 but makes her grand appearance in Chapter 3. She was a Guardian Ranger in her hometown and became the top authority while living a relatively peaceful lifestyle.
    • Raven is found in Chapter 5 but makes his debut appearance in Chapter 6. He was apparently researching Nasod technology and asked by Chacha Buch to rescue Stella when she was eaten by the Ancient Bone Dragon thanks to King of Bethma.
  • Ship Tease: The author has even stated in the description that everyone is paired up with someone. To be more precise, let's list some examples of them.
    • In Chapter 2, we get a little Rena and Aisha moment where Rena glomps Aisha constantly throughout the chapter, even recognizing her by feeling her chest. Obviously, Aisha was not amused.
    • Chapter 6 gives us Raven x Rena who share an intimate hug with each other when they re-unite after two years apart. It just makes you scream awww.
      • Also delivered in that same chapter is some Raven x Aisha with the latter becoming flustered with Raven's new appearance.


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