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Describe Doctor Huh?! here.

Well, to put it shortly, Doctor Huh?! is the craziest, fuck-upiest fanfiction this side of Doctor Who.

The basic plot: Katharina "Rina" Bayley is a perfectly normal 16-year-old with two perfectly normal (if a bit geeky/strange) friends, Jane Doe (whom Rina has known for six years) and John Smith (Rina's crush who's been in the group since highschool started). Well, they're perfectly normal until John and Jane both find certain fobwatches from a certain television show and open them...


Suddenly, Rina finds herself in a world where anything's possible and her two best friends are aliens who hate each other and shit is about to get real.

Also, there are Daleks.

A strange fic created by none other than Suki Self-Destruct (who would be Jane) and her trusty friend, Riley the Churro (who would be Rina). Admittedly self-inserty but the pitch was (from Suki to Riley): "What if I was actually the Master, David (John) was actually the Doctor, we found this out and you were stuck in the middle of it all?" This idea came about because Riley & David (which isn't his real name. He just looks like David Tennant) started dating, and everyone makes jokes about David being the Doctor or David Tennant in disguise so Suki started referring to Riley as "the Doctor's companion~!". This is why you should be glad that you aren't Suki's friend.


The first 'book' is titled, well, Doctor Huh?! (written by Suki), with a planned sequel that may or may not be titled Dr. Master (written by the all-knowing Churro).

This Fan Fic exploits the following Tropes for all they're worth...


Dramatis Personae

Not enough to warrant a Characters page, but important!

  • Katherina "Rina" Bayley
    • Age: 16 years.
    • Inspired by: Riley, the All-Knowing Churro.
    • If an actual show with real actors playing everyone existed, this character would be played by: Ellen Page

  • Jane "The Master" Doe

  • John "The Doctor" Smith
    • Age: see Jane
    • Inspired by: David (again, not his real name)
    • If an actual show with real actors playing everyone existed, this character would be played by: Zac Efron with glasses.


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