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Fanfic / Do No Harm

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Do No Harm is a fanfiction written by Samuel Keller about a private doctor in Tyvia who is betrayed and forced to go on the run from Secretary (High Judge) Kalin's forces.

The most notable bit about the plot, however, is that it is currently being written from two perspectives, that of High Chaos and Low Chaos. So far this seems solely to affect how the main character interacts with others, though the author hints that potential plots may cause wild branching to occur.



  • In Spite of a Nail: So far, despite the two doctors appearing to have wildly different personalities and manner of tackling problems, some consistencies arise:
    • Nikon is always the private physician to council member Kuznetsov.
    • Kuznetsov's manor is attacked by Secretary Kalin's men, who attempt to capture Nikon and his assistant Diana.
    • Diana gets kidnapped and Nikon swears to find her.
    • Nikon is rescued by a revolutionary group.
    • In terms of personality, both doctors appear to care about the patient, either from personal sentiment (Low Chaos) or professionalism (High Chaos), both seem to care about Diana, and both are naturally pragmatic in combat. Whether this means their Character Development will remain the same will be seen later on.

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