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Note: As the Fan Fic this page is about is still in progress by the Author's word of account, this trope page is currently under construction. Anypony who has read it should feel free to add any tropes we seem to have missed. I also had to take an example in formatting from Seven Days in Sunny June.
Pinkie just made a friend EVERYONE will enjoy...
Distorted Fate, is one of several in a series of Fanfics done by Silvak and is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic set somewhere after "Rarity Takes Manehattan" and before "Pinkie Apple Pie" then continuing on throughout the series.

Somewhere out in the Multiverse is a plethora of advanced, powerful, perhaps even fantastic beings that are diverse in cultures and backgrounds. Just one problem...some of them should never meet. It just so happens that one such being from one of the many places in the universe, crash landed in Equus, turned into a filly and landed smack dab in in the Element Of Laughter's heart. Now known as Aether Aura, her life whether she chooses to accept it or not, is now dedicated to stop the dangers of the unknown from entering this new universe she may come to call home...

[[folder:Main stories]]

  • Book I (completed), the story of Aether adjusting to her life in Equestria and making her previous one, secret.
  • Book II (completed), in which Aether is tasked with training a task force to stop rift anomalies.

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