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Designation: Miracle is a Alternate Universe series of Sports anime Crossovers from relatively popular to the little-known by Umisabaku. So far titles include Kuroko's Basketball, Haikyuu!!, Free!, and Big Wind Up.

  • Don't Blink You'll Miss It (Lift Up Your Head) is the very first segment in the series. It all started with seven human experiments, called the "Miracles," who escaped Teiko Industries which alerted the world to the presence of super-powered children. Currently, they've all settled down after escaping and most of them enjoying their new civilian lifestyle. Unfortunately, their past isn't planning on leaving them alone anytime soon as ghosts come back to haunt them and Government Conspiracies threaten their livelihoods. (Complete)

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  • Have a Seat (While I Take to the Sky) is the next story in line which opens a few secrets about Hinata's past and his thoughts and actions after the "Miracles" reveals themselves to the public. (Complete)

  • You Could Never Wear My Crown (Cause It Weighs Too Much) is about Akashi starting to come to terms with his hatred for humans after getting kidnapped with one Furihata Kouki who is absolutely terrified of Miracles Now both are forced to rely on each other if they want to escape much less survive. (Complete)

  • Love Doesn't Discriminate (Between the Sinners and the Saints) is about Akashi who finally come clean about his feelings toward Furihata and now has to find a way to seduce him. Obviously, he doesn't have any experience in the romance department so takes the odd way around which involves trying to win over all of his friends and family first. (Complete)

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  • Stories from Designation: Miracle is where all the short stories in the Designation: Miracle universe go that don't fit in the main story. (Complete)

  • A Name That Feels Like Mine is a Prequel and a One-shot to Don't Blink You'll Miss It (Lift Up Your Head) about the "Miracles" first meeting the JSDF when they were only escaped Child Soldiers and everyone's reaction to the other. (Complete)

  • We Are The Kids (You Never Can Kill) is about Abe finally finding the pitcher in the form of a boy called Mihashi Ren. But as Abe is quickly finding out there's a lot more to his scaredy cat teammate then he first meets the eye. (Complete)

  • Further Stories in Designation: Miracle (Volume Two) are more short stories in the Designation: Miracle Universe. The chapters could be about anything ranging from fluff/pure crack to serious/pain/angst depending on the requests the author gets and what mood their in. (Complete)

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  • I Kept My Promise (Show Me the Promiseland) is a One-shot about six times the Miracle guardians met the Miracle significant others. (And one time it still hasn't happened.) (Complete)

  • We're Never Coming Back (To Your Filthy Halls) is a fic about Kasamatsu Yukio traveling to Iwatobi for an estranged uncle's funeral; there he stumbles into a Government Conspiracy, learns a few disturbing family secrets, and meets a few angry mermaids all while trying and failing to stay out of trouble. (Complete)

  • of Short Stories in Designation Miracle (Volume 3!) is another volume of short stories in the Designation: Miracle Universe and requested by the readers. (Complete)

  • Your Heart Ain't Cold (Cause It Burns) is actually about Mayuzumi Chihiro who reluctantly gets a job at Akashi Industries and subsequently flies off to America. There he meets Nijimura Shuuzou and Kiyoshi Teppei and they take a road trip to uncover the secrets of a super secret Breeding Cult all the while questioning their life choices the entire time. (Complete)

  • This Is Love (I've Never Loved So Much) is about Akashi trying to keep lover far away from his father. After all, despite everything he's gone through he's finally happy and believes his relationship with Furihata is going well. He doesn't want his guardian to do anything to ruin that. Especially, since Masumi himself spends an entire lifetime distrusting love. (Complete)

This Fanfic Contains Tropes Of:

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    In General 
    Don't Blink You'll Miss It 
  • Adult Fear: Kasamatsu gets this big time while watching his father confront superpowered kids on the battlefield on live television. Doesn't help much that since he's seen a lot of superhero movies over the years- he knew deep down that if things turned sour, he could have easily watched his father die that night.
  • And You Thought It Was a Game: Kagami initially believed the Miracles to be some kind of hoax or prank originally since he heard it from word of mouth. ...Didn't really help that he only watches the Sports channel so despite it being on International news, he had nothing to verify the claims and didn't care enough to try.
  • The Bet: Played with. Both Kise and Kagami tries to make a bet that the winner of the practice match would get to keep Kuroko on their team. Kuroko makes it very clear to them that no matter what's the outcome of the game, he'd stay with Seirin since he never agreed to the bet in the first place making it All for Nothing- not that they were listening to him anyway.
  • The Bully: Justified in the Miracles case during their time at JSDF where they had No Social Skills and hated humanity after everything they've went through. Due to that they used to be terrible bullies to the children there who were trying to help them socialize better, something that infuriated Kasamatsu. They mercilessly taunted the kids and tormented them by even threatening to use their powers on them. Thankfully, they've gotten much better over the years and slowly dropped all those nasty habits.
  • The Chessmaster: Kuroko displayed some tendencies when he initiated his escape plan.
  • Mistaken Identity: Kagami was originally thought to be a Miracle due to his odd hair and eye color and coincidental timing of one of them enrolling at Seirin at the same time. At least until he made it quite clear he's American anyway.
  • Survivor's Guilt: The Miracles expressed this because it was their escape that led to the first Teiko's death sentence of their peers.
  • Too Qualified to Apply: One of the conditions the school board put forth when they all enrolled was that they couldn't compete in official games as it would give the schools with Miracles an unfair athletic advantage. Though this is Subverted when it comes to practice games and as long as each school has a Miracle of their own they're allowed to play in the official matches.
  • Understatement: After Youji explains to his son that it wouldn't be easy trying to befriend the Miracles- Kasamatsu figures out with certainty that he was vastly underestimating the problem, something he clearly wasn't impressed with. According to him:
    Kasamatsu [Narration]: Instead of being just difficult to deal with they are going to be complete assholes and budding psychopaths to the other kids.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: The Miracles honestly believed they are incapable of such and its ongoing theme in the first story. Due to being artificially created and their pasts as child assassins they have serious doubts.
  • You Remind Me of X: Kagami reminds the Miracles of Orange a lot with his Brutal Honesty and how open be is about his feelings. That's one of the reasons Kuroko got so attached to him at first.

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