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Fan Fic / Deities Of The Waking World

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The world begins to wake up.

Deities of the Waking World is a Homestuck Fan Adventure created by Halfblood2000, focusing on an Alternate Universe where the Kids' Session was successful and all of them ascended to God Tier correctly, now being the gods of the world created from their previous game.

Firstly focused on John, Jade, Dave and Rose, the spotlight later passes on to the culture and life of the new species inhabiting each of the four planets the four gods create, the fate of the Gods, and several inner problems including loneliness and melancholy.

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This fanfic has examples of the following tropes:

  • Adam and Eve Plot: With Adathrox Leylondi and Ryze Carcia, the first two Lendi.
  • Arc Number: 844 — The number of protagonists in the Future, the number of Gods, and the number of different intelligent species in the Micia System.

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