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Deadly Nightshade is a crossover fanfic between Harry Potter and the Batman elements from Young Justice, by savya398.

Petunia decides she shouldn't have to raise her nephew when his mother is perfectly capable of doing it herself. No, not Lily, the other one. The one who lives in Gotham and enjoys attacking people with giant plants.

Now, Batman and Robin have to deal with this brand-new villain-in-waiting.


Tropes you can find in this story:

  • Adult Fear: Batman is so horrified to learn Harry is usually babysat by Harley - whose boyfriend is THE poster model for Axe-Crazy, don't forget - he would rather see the boy in juvenile than exposed to the Clown.
    • Bruce's also quite anxious regarding Harry's future. He hopes his raising the boy will reform him into a more moral person, but he's not blind to the fact his son really enjoys being a Rogue.
  • Affectionate Nickname: In addition to calling Ivy "Red", Harley calls Harry either "Jelly bean" or "Hare-bear".
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Ivy and Harry are green-skinned, with purple freckles for the kid.
  • Blessed with Suck: Having poisonous skin certainly protected Harry from the Dursley's physical abuse, but it put a crimp into his social life since he's unable to attend school without risking to bump into someone.
    • He also considers a link to the Green falls into the category, since he and his mom can hear plant-life crying for help. Constantly.
  • Canon Welding: The fic fuses elements of the Pottervese and the DC Universe regarding magic, especially considering that in the DCU is both an inherent gift and an academic persuit.
  • Cuddle Bug: Harley Quinn and to a lesser extent, Harry as well. While Harley's just a very touch-oriented person, Harry has only a few people who can touch him without being poisoned.
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  • Daddy's Little Villain: Gender inversion. Harry certainly enjoys going on crime-sprees with his momma.
  • Dramatic Irony: When Batman asks Harry why the prospect of going to his birth dad bothers him so much, Harry answers he can't respect such a fop and Bruce Wayne can't possibly want him anyways.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: Harry is quite surprised to learn that Gotham considers him another experimental man-plant hybrid created by Ivy.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Possibly due to being a mother herself, but Ivy refuses to let Joker torture Robin, citing that he's Just a Kid.
  • Evil Is One Big, Happy Family: Gotham's Rogues have a vibe of it. Not only Harley is basically Harry's second mom, Riddler and Mister Freeze tutor him.
  • Evil Vegetarian: Poison Ivy and Nightshade, which fits with their plant motif. Downplayed since they're a loving family unit perfectly able to be affable towards other people, but they're still officially criminals who really enjoy their terrorism campaign.
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  • Fantastic Racism: The Dursleys are so obsessed by normality they couldn't kick out their green nephew quick enough. Harry also remembers they hated Superman for his alien origins.
  • Floral Theme Naming: Harry is actually a nickname for Hawthorne, and his aunts are named Petunia and Lily, while his mother's codename is Ivy.
  • Foil: Hawthorne Isley and Damian Wayne are both sons of Batman, fathered on a female villain and raised to emulate her. The main difference lies in the fact that not only does Harry rely on his magic and plant powers, he has no idea whatsoever he's related to the Dark Knight.
  • Good Parents: Said what you like about Ivy's career as a bio-terrorist. She's a hell of a mom. Likewise, despite Harry's initial feelings, Bruce Wayne's a caring and attentive father.
  • Green Thumb: Kinda inevitable with Poison Ivy in this fic. And her son proudly inherited her abilities.
  • Has Two Mommies: Harley seems a mite too involved in the Isleys' life for a big-sis type.
  • Hidden Depths: Under her wacky, silly behaviour, Harley is quite perceptive. Don't forget she was trained as a psychologist.
  • Irrational Hatred: Snape hates Harry because he's not Lily's son and in Snape's mind, that makes Harry the child of "the wrong sister" since it means there's nothing of Lily left.
  • Internal Reveal: The blood ties between Nightshade and Bruce Wayne, when Batman confronts the young criminal.
    • Bruce Wayne later discovers his son is also a wizard.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Harry (along with Ivy and Harley) have no idea that Bruce and Dick are Batman and Robin.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: The reason why Dick spends so much time with Harry in spite of the other kid's origins.
  • Love Redeems: Bruce's goal when he decides to care for Harry, hoping to show him there are other options in life than villainy.
  • Luke, You Are My Father: Batman is certainly thrown for a loop when he learns Ivy wanted Bruce Wayne's DNA to confirm he fathered her son.
  • Momma's Boy: Due to Ivy raising him on her own after rescuing from his abusive aunt, Harry gets snippy when Dick criticizes her.
  • Nom de Mom: Harry ponders a bit over his nomenclature, since he can choose between Evans, Isley, Potter and Wayne. The Wizarding World knows him as Harry Potter (of course) but his main civilian identity is Hawthorne Isley.
  • Parents as People: The high and mighty Batman mentally recognizes he's constantly making up on the fly when he deals with the pressures of being a dad to Dick, and he's extremely thankful for Alfred. The Reveal that he has a biological son utterly terrifies him, and that's without the added pressure of his villainous impulses. Still, Batman being Batman means he soldiers on - and he's not floundering too much.
  • Poisonous Person: Harry's skin secretes a toxin strong enough to knock out people. He has no control over the ability.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • After his blood relation to Bruce Wayne is established, Harry openly doubts of the possibility he will inherit his sire's fortune since he's a villain in training, and illegitimate to boot.
    • After bringing Harry to Wayne Manor, Bruce presses for another DNA test. He is a billionaire who already had to face paternity suits, and a villain could falsely claim a relation to get a hold of his money.
    • Because he was heavily neglected in his early childhood, Harry feels more than a bit insecure regarding his father's sentiments towards him.
    • When Bruce contacts Giovanni Zatara to ask him about Dumbledore and the British Wizarding World, the magician is unable to give him info because he doesn't know Dumbledore and never went to Britain. Belonging to the same community doesn't mean someone met everyone sharing it, and people generally tend to avoid civil wars.
  • Rebuilt Pedestal: Harry starts dismayed to learn his father is the vapid, foppish Bruce Wayne. He revises his opinion when Bruce genuinely makes the effort to get to know him.
  • Seen It All: Bruce takes his birth son being a wizard in stride, pointing they live in a world in which an alien can lift a skyscraper above his head and a bat-costumed vigilante prowls the streets, so what's a supplementary bit of weirdness, huh?
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Under the green skin, Harry actually looks very much like Bruce Wayne, and even inherited his trademarked Bat-glare - which unsettles Dick very much.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: When Ivy tries to remember who Harry's dad is, she points her former professor Jason Woodrue as a candidate.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: When Nightshade drops the bombshell he's Ivy's child rather than a creation of her, Robin wonders about the dad's identity. This leads Harry to investigate, and coming under Batman's radar.
  • Witch Species: Wizardkind and Homo Magi - the latter being a stronger subcategory to the former.
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Ivy refuses to harm children or let them be harmed in front of her.
  • 0% Approval Rating: Harley is the only one who likes the Joker. Even the other Rogues in Gotham cannot stand him.

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