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The Creepy Explorations are a series of popular online stories authored by XxHotGarbagexX, hosted on Fan Fiction Dot Net, Archive of Our Own, DeviantArt, and Wattpad.

They follow a horror-crazed brat with too much time on his hands named Noah, who has an in-universe YouTube series where he tours rundown locations at night, like an urban explorer. These locations are always staples and icons from Slasher Movies and Survival Horror games, so the series doubles as Fanfiction for essentially the entire genre. These locations are also always the territory of whatever creature, monster, or character they belong to, specifically a feminine and sexualized version of them, who terrorize Noah, often in perverted ways, which makes for a very bizarre blend of horror and Lemon.

It's at 17 episodes so far, each surrounding an iconic location of horror:

The series provides examples of:

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