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The Commanderverse refers to the shared universe (or, rather, multiverse) home to the Self-Insert stories Escalation Is The Name Of The Game, Faith In Superior Firepower, Commander, and Reverse Engineering for Fun and Profit. While the stories were initially separate, the four authors decided to make them crossover for the Mass Effect arc.

The shared idea behind each story is this: the SI finds his/her mind within the body of a Planetary Annihilation commander due to the actions of a Random Omnipotent Being (R.O.B.) and is sent across the multiverse to collect any technology they can get their hands on. Along the way, they try to make life better for the inhabitants of those universes.


While Faith In Superior Fire Power has been closed down by the author, the other three are still going strong, though Drich has put a hold on Commander to focus on other projects.

Note: Tropes listed here only apply to the stories as a whole. Please consult the individual story threads for tropes unique to those stories.


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