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Cinderleiko is a fanfic telling the tale of Cinderella featuring characters from Big Hero 6. It was inspired by the 2015 film version of Cinderella with a few changes to the plot.

  • There is only one stepsister instead of two.
  • The stepmother and the stepsister are very kind people.
  • Ella insists on taking care of the chores since someone has to do them and she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.
  • Ella is jealous of her stepsister's beauty, prompting her to cut off her own hair (which magically grows back thanks to the fairy godfather) and stay inside.
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  • The stepmother and stepsister want Ella to attend the ball, but she initially refuses.
  • When Ella shows up at the ball, the stepmother and stepsister recognize her and they're happy she attended.
  • Instead of losing a glass slipper, Ella loses an emerald amulet.
  • The prince remembers Ella and her stepfamily and he doesn't have to go door-to-door to find her.
  • Ella agrees to marry the prince, but on the condition that her stepfamily gets to live in the castle as well.


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