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Fanfic / Centurion Chaos

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Centurion Chaos is a Transformers Fan Fic by Shebakoby. Set in her fanficverse during the Prisoner of Destiny timeline, it ties up a loose end from the Season 2 episode "The Key To Vector Sigma Part 2", namely, the Centurion Droids, which fell off a high ledge but weren't likely destroyed by the fall, given that they could not be damaged by anything either the Decepticons or the Autobots had to throw at them. Shockwave's Sentinel drones are repairing Cybertron little by little, but run into difficulty after being happened upon by the wandering Centurions. Since the Key to Vector Sigma was destroyed, Megatron can no longer control them, and has to bring Sheba to Cybertron to help devise a solution.


This Work Contains Examples Of:

  • Status Effects: Vitality 0 is the only status that appears to affect the Centurions.


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