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Fanfic / Broken Bird

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"He's not normally like that."
"What, bratty?"
"No, happy. First time I've seen him like that for a while."
Jiraiya and Tsunade, on Kakashi Hatake.

Broken Bird is a Naruto For Want of a Nail fic by Obvious Pseudonym O'Flaherty in which, after the kyuubi attack, instead of reacting to his repeated childhood traumas like a lump of damp wood, Kakashi takes the much more sensible option of kidnapping the infant Naruto and running away. The fic is still in its early stages, but shows a degree of promise.


Be warned though, while occasionally lighthearted and funny, the fic is a little bit dark at times. Kakashi being the edgy teen that he is.


  • Broken Bird: Kakashi, so much so that the story is named for the trope.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Kakashi, obviously. Contributes to the aforementioned Broken Bird status.

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