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Fan Fic / Brendan's Pokémon Adventure

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Brendan's Pokémon Advenutre is a fanfic by explorertotodile. about a boy named Brendan going on a Pokémon adventure! Join him as he goes to regions like Kanto and Johto!

The fanfic can be read here!

So far this is Generic Pokémon fic, Brendan goes on an adventure, he goes to see Oak, he gives him a Charmander, and Blue (Brendan jokingly calls him Pink) gets a Squirtle, Brendan later goes out into the world and catches a Pidgey, Weedle (which evolves into Beedrill) and Ekans.


So far it has one review (possibly by the author) by Kyosuke Higuchi made on April the 20th of 2014 saying "Awesome! Can't wait to see more!"



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