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Fanfic / Breaking Boundaries

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Breaking Boundaries is a Town of Salem fanfic by gaz'shelperatdestroyingidiots. It is about what Salem might be like in a fantasy/real life world. In it characters do a lot of things that are impossible in the game because their not in a game. Just like your average round of Salem there is lots of drama, some humor, and definitely deception.


  • Burn the Witch!: Koko's main goal. He spends most of his time trying to get the town to 'burn the witch'. Ironically, he is the witch.
  • Crowd Panic: Most people in the town do this very often over the tiniest things. Only a select few don't join in. Usually caused by Water who is a very anxious character herself.
  • Food Fight!: When the town panics they sometimes will start throwing food at each other. They usually throw apples.
  • Mysterious Stranger: The person who visited mjfan on Night 19. We literally never see what they actually look like. Ever! They are the other disguiser who is constantly in disguise. They don't like being a 'townie' so they rewrote their job to be replacing mafia members during the day when they are tired. This could possibly explain why the mafia is so much more organized then the town.