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Once upon a time, there were four fellows who all wanted something more. One was a teenager who moved into the White House after his dad got a job there as a chef. One was a flame-haired 11-year-old whose genius sisters used him as a lab rat. One was an ogre who had many layers. And one was a college graduate bee who sued the pants off humanity for stealing his honey. If these four ever met, it would be the beginning of something wonderful...

There was one problem. None of them existed in the same universe.

Until the Internet got a hold of them...

Or, the comedic counterpart to Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. Also known as the New Big Four, Bee Shrek Test in the House is a crossover between Bee Movie, Shrek, Johnny Test, and Cory in the House, and is the swaggiest crossover ever to exist. It embraces internet and meme culture to its finest to make an anime beloved by many.

The series starts with the world in grave danger; the Internet must assemble a group of warriors to stop a plague known as The Big Four, whose incessant shipping fics and escapades risk destroying the universe as we know it. They enlist the help of Netlord, The Lord Of The Internet to help him find the right warriors.

Now, Netlord could have just chosen Shaggy Rogers and have been done with it, but the Netlord, angry with the internet for shitposting, anime, and Rule 34, decides to troll (read: exact revenge on) all of humanity by writing a shitty crosssover fanfic featuring Shrek, Barry B. Benson, Johnny Test, and Cory Baxter. Unfortunately for the Netlord, the fanfic turns out to be a great success, turning into the swaggiest crossover ever since Felix vs. Jerry.

And so the adventure begins...

Bee Shrek Test in the House provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: While some characters have rather normal names (Like Johnny, Cory, Barry, and Jon) it's not out of the ordinary to have Ratboy Genius, Will Smith Fish, and Misha.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The finale of YouTube Crusaders ends with Keemstar semi-defeated, the Meme Destroyer hidden away somewhere, Cory dead and President Kanye West dissapeared with his family murdered and the Big Four seemingly disbanded
  • Cast Full of Gay: Though they are straight in their original works, in BSTH the main four are in gay relationships with each other.
  • Color-Coded Characters:
    • In the original series and YouTube Crusaders:
      • Shrek: Green
      • Barry: Yellow
      • Johnny: Red
      • Cory: Blue
    • In the Layers Away and Right Back at Ya!:
      • Shrek: Green
      • Barry: Yellow
      • Johnny: Red
      • Jon: Bright Pink
      • Quinn: Flamboyant Purple
  • Crossover Shipping: Any ship between the main four characters falls under this.
  • Four-Philosophy Ensemble:
    • Cory: The Optimist
    • Shrek: The Cynic
    • Barry: The Realist
    • Johnny: The Apathetic
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble:
    • Johnny: Sanguine
    • Barry: Melancholic
    • Shrek: Choleric
    • Cory: Phlegmatic
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Keemstar. He was just a terrible news reporter who has made fun of for his laughable excuses for news. The trope is played in full effect as he makes a deal to take the lives of the original Big Four in exchange for ultimate power.
  • Giant Spider: Muffet appears in one episode, where she tries to steal the Chaos Emeralds.
  • Glam Rock: David Bowie appears as a friendly reoccurring mentor with godlike powers. He also helps Cory awaken his stand.
  • Heroic BSoD: Johnny gets one in the finale of YouTube Crusaders when he finds out Cory died. This triggers a Split Personality Take Over which leads to his radically different personality in the sequel.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Bane, who spends most of his time beating the heroes to a pulp, and is played seriously compared to other villains.
  • Licensed Game: There is 12 game total. 6 are developed by EA, 2 by Creative Assembly, and the rest by Kojima Productions.
  • The Lifestream:
    • Swag is the essence of all living things in the universe of BSTH, due to the fact that they are created by it. Those who pass on are absorbed back into the Swag and become pure energy.
    • Keemstar's plan was to capture the source of all swag, Swagdom Hearts, for his own to create an army powerful enough to overthrow YouTube.
  • Man Behind the Man:
    • Will Smith Fish was manipulated by Little King John all along.
    • ...and, as it turns out, Little King John was being manipulated by Keemstar.
  • Mysterious Past: Jon and Quinn. No one knows how they appeared. No one really knows what they were doing until they debuted in Layers Away. It's almost as if they inserted themselves into the story without any real regard for previously-established canon. In fact, at one point, Shrek just says "screw it" and lets them onto the team. Eventually it is revealed that they are actually androids created by Keemstar to spy on the Big Four. Shrek takes them out.
  • One-Winged Angel: Keemstar performs this and becomes the physical manifestation of all his anger.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: President Kanye is a hybrid of President Playboy, President Buffoon and President Minority Until he quits and dissapears in the finale due to the murder of his family.
  • Physical God: Shrek and David Bowie both show this trope, as Shrek can erase bad memories from the traumatized and harness the powers of the Layer while David Bowie is a Voluntary Shapeshifter and a Living Aphrodisiac who can phase in and out of reality. In season eight it's revealed that their powers come from the fact that they're Jesus's spiritual triplet brothers.
  • Put on a Bus: Wii Fit Trainer hasn't appeared in the reboot yet, outside of a small cameo in "Layering on the Facts," despite being a common recurring villain in the first series.
  • Real Soon Now: While the series started out as a parody of Rise Of The Brave Tangled Dragons, the creators are actually working on animating a full fledged web show based on some of the plots submitted to their tumblr. Though how long it will TAKE or if the series gets off the ground aside from a few animation tests is yet to be seen. (Though the authors/animators/voice actors are all amateurs and doing this for fun so a this is a Justified Trope.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: In Season 37, we have Wide-Eyed Idealist Ben Tennyson (Red) and Broken Bird Caillou (Blue), respectively
  • Traveling Salesman: Eeyore constantly pesters the cast to buy his anti-virus programs.
  • Wham Episode: Quite a few, surprisingly
    • "Rise of the Brave Tangled Whatevers", for the first true appearances of of The Old Big Four.
    • "Potato Knishes, which chronicles the final battle against Little King John, and the destruction of Minecraft, leaving most of the civilians behind and making Washington D.C. a World Half Empty.
    • The season 2 finale "#dramaalert" marks the first appearance of Nyan Cat and the death of Mary Test.
    • "Let's Get Right Into the Darkness" which marked the appearance of Keemstar which made him the true antagonist of YouTube Crusaders.
    • "The Geniuses and the Fish", for showing the tragic backstory of Will Smith Fish, his joining of the Five-Man Band with the Big Four.
    • "Sweet and Sour", which chronicles the final battle against Keemstar, the death of Cory, and the disappearance of President Kanye West.
    • "Dinner Jazz" reveals that Thanos was Peppa Pig in disguise the entire time.
  • Your Days Are Numbered: In "Your Days Are Ogre", Eeyore realizes he's about to die, and gives away his anti-virus to everyone. He dies at the end of the episode.