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Warning: Spoilers for Frozen (2013) will be UNMARKED.

All That Glitters is a Frozen fanfic written by user othellia as a self-challenge to write a Hans/Anna Continuation Fan Fic which "sticks to both canon events and characterization and have it still work," without "glossing over Hans' actions from the film in the slightest."note 


The official summary is "Anna is in the middle of a visit to the Kingdom of Corona when a mysterious blizzard strikes. As the only person with semi-relevant experience, she sets out to find out what - or who - is behind it all. However, there's only one man who seems to hold any answers, and he might be more trouble than he's worth… (Sequel fic, eventual Hanna.)" Notably, this describes only the first act out of five, but to describe much more would be going into major spoiler territory.

The story can be read here on Archive of Our Own or here on Fan Fiction Dot Net.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Bad Dreams: Anna and Elsa suffer from recurring nightmares of Hans' attack from the climax of the movie. Hans also mutters in his sleep about his nasty brother Georg.
  • Becoming the Mask: Anna pretends to fall for Hans again in order to get close enough for him to be willing to give up his powers to save her life. She ends up falling for real.
  • Big Brother Bully: The three older brothers who canonically pretended Hans was invisible for two years are named here as Georg, Manfried, and Fritz.
  • Black Sheep: Lampshaded. One of Hans' nicer brothers took off years ago. Anna comments that it sounds like he's the "brown sheep" of the family, with Hans being the black one.
  • Blood Magic: Anna and Hans exchange blood to break an enchantment protecting a cave they need to enter.
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  • Completed Fic: The fic was completed in November 2017.
  • Constructed World: Expands upon the geography established in Frozen, which includes the kingdoms of Arendelle and the Southern Isles, and includes the kingdom of Corona from Disney/Tangled. The author also invents fictional countries such as Wallonia, Ostenberg, Dunois, Summershire, Weideland, Romsdal, Vestmar, Fjordane, and Nordheim, as well as the cities of Stralshagen and Amersdam.
  • Determinator: Anna, as in canon. She absolutely refuses to give up any hope. When her only lead for stopping the blizzard is Hans claiming he read about a mysterious "magical artifact" in a book of legends, she decides she needs to at least give it a try, despite being even more suspicious of him than the rest of her group. And when Hans becomes an evil, immortal god, she still holds onto hope of defeating him. When no one can find even a rumor of a way to defeat a god, other than the god willingly giving up power, Anna insists on trying anyway.
  • Determined Defeatist: Anna puts a lot of effort into pursuing a plan which banks on Hans saving her life after she willingly ingests poison. Yet it's implied she doesn't actually expect this to work, snapping at Hans during an argument: "At least when I poison myself, I'll finally be taking myself out of a world with you in it!"
  • Endless Winter: The plot kicks off when the royal family of Corona, where Anna is staying, gets a message from a neighboring kingdom that they're suffering from a mysterious blizzard in the middle of June and that it's spreading.
  • Evil Virtues: Hans sure isn't a saint. He's ruthless and often cruel, but he's determined, intelligent, and quite competent at what he does, including governing. He genuinely wants to improve life in the kingdoms he rules.
  • Flashback Nightmare: Anna and Elsa have nightmares about Hans' previous attempt to kill Elsa in the climax of Frozen, although Anna's nightmares diverge towards at their endings, concluding with Hans succeeding.
  • From Dress to Dressing: To break an enchantment they encounter, Anna and Hans need to exchange blood. Hans then cuts strips of cloth from his shirt to wrap the wounds.
  • Karma Houdini: Downplayed, Anna thinks Hans' punishment for the events of the film is light considering the severity of his crimes. After the second blizzard, she vouches for him, though, believing he's earned another chance with all of the helpful work he's done. Elsa still thinks he's gotten off too easily. And at the end of the story, both sisters think that Hans deserves more punishment, but Anna helps him escape execution anyway, believing he can still do at least some good, at least with supervision.
  • Love Redeems: Subverted, twice. During their journey to the cave, Hans seems to be falling for Anna and becoming less evil, although still a jerk. Then The Reveal shows that he's still planning on gaining power by any means necessary, taunting Anna about how he'd set off the blizzard as part of a plan to find the apples of Idun and become a god.
  • No Sparks: Anna feels herself growing distant from Kristoff, and doesn't feel a connection with any of the men she dances with at the Wallonian wedding.
  • The Quest: The first part of the story revolves around searching for a way to stop another mysterious blizzard two years after Elsa's coronation.
  • Seen It All: A downplayed version. While still taken aback by the revelation that she's had a forgotten encounter with a god, Anna's one of the few people not particularly concerned that Hans got all his information on an artifact that could end the Endless Winter from a book of legends because she's already seen wilder things turn out to be true. Not every character is so willing to take the chance.
    Anna tried bringing up trolls and magic and snowmen and flowers, but her arguments fell on deaf ears.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Anna and Hans actively search for an artifact that can stop the Endless Winter. Anna also takes on a job at the Arendellian embassy at Corona. Later, Elsa is on the frontlines of a war, conjuring up snow soldiers and controlling whether the fjord is frozen, depending on whether Arendelle's enemies are trying to cross it by ship or foot. After Hans takes over Arendelle, she and Kristoff search for a way to defeat. And when he becomes a king, Hans takes an active interest in the work of ruling and politics, something Anna begins helping him with as she works on a plan to convince him to give up his power.
  • The Reveal: Act III has a quadruple-whammy. After Anna suspects her memory may have been magically-tampered with again, Pabbie examines her and reveals she's been given Laser-Guided Amnesia by a god. The restored memory then reveals that god was Hans, who had explained in an Evil Gloating session that he had caused the blizzard of Act I in order to convince his brothers to let him out of house arrest to search for a particular magical artifact that could stop the blizzard. Hans had claimed the artifact was a stone with the power to nullify magic. What it really is a tree bearing Idunn's apples, which according to legend, gave the Norse gods their immortality and power.
  • Royal Blood: Anna and Hans have to work together to access a cave with a protective spell that requires blood from two separate royal lineages.
  • Running Gag: Building on the one from the movie, there's still a tendency for characters to get Kristoff's name wrong. Including Olaf, who still addresses him as "Sven."
  • Starting a New Life: Hans in the end disguises himself as a man called William Schultz and goes to work for the Coronan treasury.
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Hans mutters in his sleep about his nasty brother Georg when Anna tries to wake him for his turn watching the fire. And in a later chapter, murmurs "I love you."
  • Wham Episode:
    • In last chapter of Act II, Arendelle declares war on Weideland.
    • Act III has The Reveal of Hans having become an immortal god, and ends with Weideland taking over Arendelle, Elsa on the run with Kristoff and Olaf, and Anna being taken captive.


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