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"Ageless, not immortal... there is a difference."
Ryou, Chapter 2

Ageless is a The Legend of Korra fanfic by Jack Cross.

My name is Ryou. I'm a non bender, a nobody, there's nothing special about me, except for one little detail. I'm almost five hundred years old. How will things go when I tangle with a certain hotheaded Avatar?

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Ageless provides examples of:


  • Cool People Rebel Against Authority: If Ryou does not like the decisions authority figures have made, he is not afraid to behave as though they don't exist and get his own hands dirty, helping Korra leave the South Pole in spite of the White Lotus and jokingly telling Lin that the laws of man do not apply to him.
  • Death Seeker: Whenever his semi-immortality gets to him (like after Kyoshi's death or when he believed the Avatar was gone forever during the Hundred Year War), Ryou would go looking for trouble, often signing on to fight in a battle hoping that someone would kill him. The Earth Kingdom even has a term for it; "going wolf".
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Ryou was a normal human before his boat was beached a mythical creature called the ningyo. Having successfully caught it, Ryou ate its flesh, cursing him with eternal youth. Ever since, he has fought countless wars and beaten hundreds of opponents, being able to outmaneuver Korra after she had mastered Waterbending, Earthbending and Firebending with nothing but a wooden sword.
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  • Everyone Is Related: Ryou and Kyoshi were practically everything a husband and wife was in all but an official ceremony, having had their own kids who would then on go on to help populate Kyoshi Island, one their descendants being Suki. Much later on after Kyoshi's death, Ryou found love again with an Earth Kingdom Girl, having gotten her pregnant with intentions of marrying her after he returns from a war, only to find out that she ended up with a rich lord. Wanting her to be happy, she left her and their child to there own devices, their descendants being Toph, Lin, Suyin and her various kids.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: A Running Gag has Ryou introducing himself, only for people to comment that they expected him to look older.
  • Expy: When a mugger tries to mug Ryou in Republic City, he brandishes a knife, only for Ryou to bring out his significantly bigger weapon, even doing the whole "you call that a knife?" schtick.
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  • Humble Hero: Kyoshi felt guilty that she outshined Ban - the Avatar that led a splinter group of the water tribe to populate what would eventually become Kyoshi Island - so she made sure to erect a shrine for him.
  • Hypocrite: Despite using the whole "past is past, live in the present" mindset to not pick favorites with Korra, Lin holds a particularly spiteful grudge against Ryou for knocking up her ancestor two hundred years prior, telling him that she never wants to see him in Republic City again and threatening life-incarceration (especially considering he is immortal) after arresting him as an accomplice to Korra's stint of vigilante justice.
  • Reincarnation Romance: A rare one-sided form. Ryou's first love just so happened to be Avatar Kyoshi living out their lives together before Ryou slowly realized that he did not age and she dies of old age. He then enters into a relationship with Korra.
  • Seen It All: Being hundreds of years old, Ryou is accustomed to seeing cliches, spotting how fake Amon's engineered backstory was the moment he heard it.
    Seriously, when you get to be my age, you've pretty much heard them all. I've even considered starting to keep a check list, just to see which of the usual tropes get used the most. Of course, this guy did it all. The typical story about how he'd lost his family and been scarred by a bender and that was why he was on his quest, everything wrong in history was the fault of bending, the Avatar is wrong, blah blah blah.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: When Ryou proves how ineffective Korra's bending is against him and how she needs to learn how to defend herself without it, he does this by attacking her with a wooden sword, easily evading her attacks and hitting her upside the head. Katara then comments that his methods have not changed, implying that the first step he takes to train anyone is to deflate their egos by humiliating them first.
  • Thunderbolt Iron: As a gift on his fiftieth birthday, Kyoshi gave Ryou a sword made from the broken of piece of the Great Comet (later known as Sozin's Comet). This would later be the inspiration for Sokka's space sword. He eventually leaves it at the shrine on Kyoshi Island as a part pf Avatar Kyoshi's armor..


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