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A Wish Happened and Now I'm Stuck Here is a Dragonball Z fanfiction written by Chexrancher 3. It can be read here.

The Fic involves a young woman named Keisha Jones, a Black and Nerdy girl who's obsessed with everything associated with Dragonball Z (An quite a few other things, but mostly Dragonball Z). When going to bed one night, she sees a shooting star and with nothing lose, wishes to be in the DBZ Universe.


Be Careful What You Wish For is in definite play here, as she wakes up in field and while she does end up meeting the Z-Fighters, she's unfortunately dragged a creature from her nightmares and finds that she may not be able to integrate in the universe as she may like.

The Fic starts at The Trunks Saga, but Author is planning on rewriting it to start at the Garlic Jr Saga. The Author, despite the long time between updates, has stated that fic is not a Dead Fic. He has since rebooted the story.


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