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A Sharptooth's Heart is a The Land Before Time fanfic written by Sora WTK, which follows the story of a dracovol named Rex. The story so far has one complete story, and a sequel that is in progress.

Out of the Shadows takes place in an alternate universe of this story.

The author has also started writing an alternative universe based on A Sharptooth's Heart entitled Land Before Time: Battle Network.

Tropes Used In the Series:


  • Actual Pacifist: Tree-star is this.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: A Sharptooth's Heart takes place in an alternate future of Land Before Time, where Ruby does not exist and Chomper never came to live in the Great Valley.
  • The Assimilator: There is a plot to make Rex defect to the evil dracovol's side.
  • Be All My Sins Remembered: Rex feels this way after attacking an innocent dinosaur.
  • Berserk Button: Rex, when his sharptooth instinct kicks in and he kills Zill in a fit of rage.
  • Classic Villain: Bull and Rorra, though for different reasons. Bull has a vendetta while Rorra merely wants power.
  • Dark and Troubled Past - Zebulon, because he left the Rock Rangers after they locked down on him for being Rorra's brother.
  • Dark Is Evil:
    • The Darkarians.
    • Bull has black skin and red stripes, both colors often associated with evil.
  • The Exile: Rex willingly becomes this after he breaks his promise to Grandpa Longneck.
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  • Fix Fic: The author manages to fix a big hole in the Land Before Time universe before Universal did in the TV series. The movies never explain how sharpteeth are never able to enter the valley. In A Sharptooth's Heart II, it's revealed that alimons have been protecting the valley for a long time.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Donovan may be Stone's right hand man, but he can be hostile.
    • Midnight as well, due to being too blatantly honest.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: Kumo, subverted. Though he doesn't actually hate everyone, he is resentful due to being taken into Fortress Valley and losing his wings and no one tries to save him.
  • Hidden Badass: Terrel, who drops a boulder on Redclaw.
  • I Am Who?: In the second story, Rex finally learns what his species is.
  • Kids Are Cruel: Kumo digs his claws in so far into Cera's spine that she almost could have died.
  • Lack of Empathy: Axel.
    • This is a common trait amongst the Darkarians. Other villains of the story may be like this as well.
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  • Light Is Good: The Rock Rangers.
  • Original Character: This story is full of these.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: Rex when he nearly killed Cera. Subverted, it was really Kumo.
  • The Stoic: Kumo, for the most part.
  • War Fic: Between the Darkarians and Rock Rangers, as well as Yu's pack and Bull's pack.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When the gang thought that Rex tried to murder Cera.

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