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A New Way is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic by Phoenix_Dragon and a sequel to Without A Hive and Fragments.

It is a time of change for Equestria. A small but slowly growing number of changelings have made the kingdom their home, living openly with ponies. Many ponies welcome them in friendship. Others are concerned by the strange and unusual creatures that disrupt the traditional life of Equestria. Yet others worry that such open acceptance leaves Equestria vulnerable to less well-intentioned changelings. And some still fear the insectoid creatures, memories of invasions—and more personal attacks—still strong in their minds.Sky, Nictis, and all the other changelings of Equestria would love nothing more than to live in peace, but such changes rarely come easily. But in proper changeling fashion, they are determined to endure, and this time they are not alone. Instead of the shelter of disguises and lies, they are strengthened by the friendship of the ponies that accept them, ready to stand tall in the face of an uncertain future.For nobody, from the new Equestrian changelings to the Princesses themselves, knows how Queen Chrysalis is going to respond...



  • All Just a Dream: The prologue has Luna using her Dream Walker to view a dream of Chrysalis successfully conquering Canterlot.
  • Dream Walker: Luna spends the prologue viewing one of Chrysalis's dreams.
  • Lethal Chef: A Changeling named Trip has a reputation as one.

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