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Fanfic / A New Life

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A new life is a The Secret Show fanfic written by Eszie. It revolves around Victor and Anita unexpectedly becoming parents after a particularly intense kinda-sorta date.

The story was first published in 2011 and then completed almost a year later.

This fanfic uses the tropes:

  • Friends with Benefits: Victor and Anita conceive a child while partaking in something like this.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Played straight.
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  • Kid Fic: The basic premise is the central couple getting ready to become parents after an intense platonic date.
  • Official Couple: It takes a while, but Victor and Anita are eventually established as one.
  • Original Character: Victor's sister Melissa and Anita's father Arthur are just a couple of these to show up in the fanfic.
  • Premature Birth Drama: Played with. Anita is fairly certain Timothy was born earlier than he was supposed to, but the doctors assure her that the baby is full-term.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Things end up becoming more romantic for Victor and Anita as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Slice of Life: Not much really happens besides typical everyday things.