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A New Destiny

Instead of dying, Galen Marek is given a second chance from the Force as he is whisked away to Earth-16. There he meets a team of conflicted teenage heroes but has no memory of who he was. As he struggles to remember his past, he befriends a certain female archer who is more similar to him than he realizes.

Official Summary:

This story written by Logan GC, is an alternate continuity of The Force Unleashed, where Galen Marek arrives on Earth-16 during events of Young Justice. Here, Starkiller becomes the seventh member if the Team while trying to remember who he is. He and Artemis fall in love and form a relationship, much to Kid Flash's jealousy. Batman is suspicious of Galen, and will do anything to find out who he really is. Galen arrived due to a rip in the universe. Darth Vader then sends Boba Fett to Earth-16 to find his apprentice, and he forms an alliance with the Light. Galen Marek now must remember who he is, let it be hero or villain. As he works and gets along with the Team, he follows his New Destiny.


A New Destiny: Omnibus: Tales of the Team

A spin-off to Logan GC's "A New Destiny", this tells of events to foreshadow what will happen in his story and unseen events that concur within and outside of the chapters. Every event is incorporated into Logan GC's "A New Destiny".

Official Sub-Plot:

In SuperHeroTimeFan's spinoff story, other stories of the Team are told. In this story, Artemis is depicted as the one with troubles more than Galen. She experiences dreams of other sides of herself named Black Arrow and Angelic Arrow, who are created by the Beings of Mortis. Artemis is taught how to use the Force and new members are added to the Team. There's Chloe Sullivan, a younger version of Ice, and Firestorm. The Son also has involvement, as he tries to corrupt the Team and gain Sith to his side. This story is highly recommended as a side story to A New Destiny.


These stories provide excellent examples of:

  • The Ace: Starkiller is an example of this. He starts out fine without powers, even being able to take down Black Canary without breaking a sweat, but later regains his powers over the Force and his Lightsaber skills. Later on, Raiden/Revan is also an example of this.
  • Action Girl: Artemis and Zatanna. Zatanna proves that she is able to hold her own in battle, even using her wand as a weapon, and later using Maris Brood's lightsabers.
    • Artemis is a better example, as she is trained by Galen on how to use a lightsaber, master powers over the Force, and even becoming her apprentice. She can even use the Force Repulse. Her best example of this is when she takes on both Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Picture of this archer can be seen here.
  • Alternate Universe: The Expanded Universe to Earth-16, and Earth-16 to the Expanded Universe
  • The Atoner: The Daughter, Galen, Zatanna, Artemis, M'gann, Raiden, it goes on forever...
  • Badass Biker: Galen, Artemis and Zatanna during the Secrets chapter, Ghosts of the Forgotten Past
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  • Big Bad: Boba Fett, The Son, Black Arrow, The Light, On and on...

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