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Fan Fic / A Hue of Crimson

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A Hue of Crimson is an Axis Powers Hetalia fanfiction by Nat D-LE. The story is a Heta Oni fanfic focused on Spain and Romano. Being based of Heta Oni, most of the main events in it are the same as in Heta Oni.

Romano has been getting some of Italy's memories from inside the mansion. He, along with Spain, takes it upon himself to save his brother and the other nations.

Be warned. This page contains tons of spoilers for Heta Oni.


A Hue of Crimson contains examples of:

  • Anyone Can Die - Why Italy goes back in time over and over again; to save everyone from their deaths
  • Ghost Memory - Romano gets Italy's memories of what happens inside the mansion
  • Transferable Memory - Romano and Italy somehow share most of the same memories
  • You Have to Believe Me! - When Romano tries to explain to the other nations what's happening inside the mansion

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