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Fanfic / A Deceptive Game Of Chess

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A Deceptive Game of Chess is a RWBY fanfic written by Musings From Mars, who also authored RWBY fanfics The New Sisterhood and Piano Girl - A Bumblebee One-Shot.

The fanfic was published on Fan on December 26th, 2017 with a T rating. It is under the Drama and Romance genres.

The fanfic takes place before the events of RWBY Volume 1. It follows Schnee Dust Company heiress Weiss Schnee as she is kidnapped by White Fang members Blake Belladonna and Ilia Amitola. A psychological battle ensues between the three as Blake grapples with her moral dilemma, Ilia tries to win Blake's affections, and Weiss tries to find a way to escape.


A Deceptive Game of Chess contains examples of:

  • False Friend: In Chapter 1, Blake acts attracted to Weiss to lure the heiress into a trap, gaining Weiss' trust in the process.
  • Friendless Background: Weiss has no friends and falls for Blake so easily in Chapter 1 because she wants a relationship so badly.
  • Lima Syndrome: Blake feels sympathy towards Weiss and feels guilty for kidnapping her. Her sympathy for Weiss only grows as Weiss' captivity continues.

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