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Fandom Specific Plot / Yin Yang Yo!

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  • Typical fanfics are often riffed with Yang suddenly losing interest in Lina, mostly due to the author Flanderizing her personality into a abusive and selfish girlfriend, or just making her not exist at all so that the author's OC can be with him; normally, Yang acts entirely out of character or the OC in question is an overly perfect match for him.
  • A very common scenario is Yuck going through a Heel–Face Turn, saving Yin from some sort of villain or trap, and the two of them being together. Expect Coop to be unmentioned throughout.
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  • Ones entirely centered on Yuck are often about him having severe depression or wanting desperately to change and be loved by someone; after "Upstanding Yuck", him fighting against a split personality was very common.
  • There are stories that have at least one of the twins become evil, normally Yin after the events of "Gone A Fowl".


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