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  • Mamoru abuses Usagi or dies. Usagi runs to Seiya/Demand/Haruka. ChibiUsa is either handwaved into a new child or ignored outright. Alternatively, Mamoru abuses Usagi but she still stays with him for the good of the world and to have ChibiUsa. She then has an affair with Seiya/Demand/Haruka.
  • Usagi and Seiya's bastard child goes to the past/Earth to learn about her history (and accidentally get her parents back together)/purposely get her parents back together/stop her own birth.
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  • ChibiUsa comes back from the future as a chesty teen and is much more badass.
  • The story focuses on Chibiusa in the 30th Century, all grown up and being a badass, with a senshi team either consisting of the canon (in the manga, anyway) Sailor Quartet (formerly Amazoness Quartet), original characters meant to be the original senshi's daughters, or both.
  • Alternatively, there are "ChibiUsa doesn't exist" fics. Either some twist of fate makes Usagi have a different child (who fits the author's appeal better) or ChibiUsa is just removed, with no regards to the fact that she's vitally important to three seasons. Sometimes ChibiUsa is killed off so she can still save the world with Usagi, but isn't around to annoy the author.
  • Usagi is betrayed by Mamoru and/or the Inner senshi. She joins the Outers or Starlights, romances Haruka or Seiya, and is suddenly totally badass/capable/intelligent. This one is quite strange, as the manga actually touched on the possibility of this happening... To Minako, about how little respect she feels getting from the others. Although it's worth noting that most Betrayal Fics are based on the 90's anime rather than the manga, most likely due to it making the Senshi Adaptational Jerkassses with the original English dub making them worse.
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  • Not all revenge fics have ALL the inner senshi being awful jerks, sometimes Ami and/or Makoto will join Usagi's side or feel bad for their actions and take their resignation with dignity whilst Minako and/or Rei will go kicking and screaming. This is mostly because while Rei is the one Usagi is canonly the closest to note , Ami and Makoto are the nicest to her.
  • The most popular Sailor Moon fanfic villain in the 90s that wasn't just an OC was Jadeite, coming back from his eternal sleep from the original anime and trying to get revenge for his undignified end. Even if the story wasn't explicitly about his return, there was always a good chance a story's OC villains would discover Jadeite somehow, break him out of that crystal prison, and turn him loose on the Senshi. These have finally died off in the decades since, but it was such a common plot point as to be the subject of parody in the early Sailor Moon fandom days. At least a few stories have Jadeite return years later only to be subjected to both Villain Forgot to Level Grind and Sorting Algorithm of Evil, meaning that he's weaker than a generic Monster of the Week by that point and is easily dispatched.
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  • The Shitennou are reborn in present-day identities following the conclusion of the Dark Kingdom arc and rediscover their SilMil-era relationships with Mamoru and the Inner Senshi. Teaming up to fight a new threat and/or wrestling with guilt and mistrust over their stints as villains both optional.
  • Kunzite mourning the loss of his love, Zoisite. These can range from simple angsty one-shots to longer plots (Kunzite working with the Senshi to bring Zoisite back to life, turning to Usagi for comfort, betraying Queen Beryl).
  • Nephrite comes back from the dead to rekindle his romance with Naru, or accepts that she's moved on. Either way, he keeps the chocolate parfait promise.
  • One that was popular in the early days of the English fandom: Amara abuses Michelle. Gary Stu arrives to tell Amara off and rescue poor, vulnerable Michelle from the "sin" of homosexuality. (Extremely discredited nowadays. Don't write a fanfic like this unless you want to be nuked from orbit by the rest of the fandom.)
  • If the fans didn't want to break Haruka and Michiru up but still wanted to purge homosexuality from the show, the story would be about how Haruka was reborn as the wrong gender and Queen Serenity would "fix" it by turning her back into a boy. Gained particular notoriety when a prominent fan organization, Save Our Sailors, attempted to pass off their own Fix Fic as actual canon in the late 90s. Not a fan favorite now.
    • This is not helped by some brocastings actually portraying Haruka as a male that turns into a female when Sailor Uranus. Not saying that's right either, but it's certainly better than technically being incestuous.
  • Crossovers with Ranma ½ where girl-type Ranma joins the Sailor Soldiers are common enough to have their own name.
  • The Space-Time Door is often written as a magical scrying computer that Sailor Pluto uses to view the past, present and future of many multiple time-lines and universes, often to keep an eye out on "threats to Crystal Tokyo". In the actual series, the door is never shown to be anything but a door.
  • Rei is secretly in love with Usagi! Unfortunately, she's destined for Mamoru, so Rei must suffer valiantly in her unrequited love or wait for Mamoru to either nobly step aside, turn into a dick, or get run over by a truck so she can make her move. Though one fic has Mamoru totally cool with Usagi dumping him for Rei and giving her his sperm in a can to make ChibiUsa. No, really.
  • Chibiusa and Helios meeting again in the 30th Century.
  • Sailor Pluto learns about her planet getting demoted and wreaks revenge on the culprit(s). These are usually Crack Fics, but there's the rare Angst fic.
  • Depending on the writer's opinion of Sailor Pluto, Usagi kicking Pluto out for not being a planet (which makes little sense since she's, you know, Sailor Moon), Usagi vowing to restore Pluto's planetary status when she's queen, or Pluto leaving to join and/or head the Kuiper Belt Senshi.
  • Sailor Pluto using time travel to help another character correct a mistake in their past... except it will always been something mundane on the cosmic scale like helping one of the characters with their relationships. Often without any actual justification that the event Pluto is helping them fix will actually impact the time line (in the series, Pluto is only seen intervening on apocalyptic level events and appears rather fatalistic about things like her own death.)
  • Naru becoming a Sailor Senshi herself through some means, becoming a team with Usagi after being left out. Making her Sailor Earth seems to be the most popular option, though there's fics with other options out there (including one where she becomes Sailor Mars since Rei's stripped of her powers after attempting to kill Usagi).
  • Any fics that involved the Sailor Senshi revealing their identities to someone they're close to. For example, making Usagi reveal to Naru that she's Sailor Moon (even though it's implied that she already knows, at least in the 90's anime).
  • Fics taking place after the series ends, typically a pre-college main cast adjusting to their civilian lives. The usual series action is often dropped in favor of Slice of Life material, often with a heavy romantic focus. Pairings tend to revolve around Usagi and one of her friends, or some combination/of all the Inners. Expect a more mature, if still lighthearted tone and more sexually explicit material as the girls work out their feelings and journey to adulthood.
  • Fanfics commonly mix concepts from the original anime, manga and whatever localized adaptations the writer have seen. One popular character in otherwise Original Flavour fics is the DiC English dub version of Zoisite (who, in this version, was named Zoycite). Any use is easy to convey, given this version is female, has a differently spelled name, and is more bombastic and emotional.
  • Crystal Tokyo being portrayed as a dystopia, often because of the Silver Crystal's "purification" which leaves those affected a shell of their former selves unable to feel anger (or really, any emotion at all except happiness). The same fics often have the Black Moon Clan as freedom fighters hell-bent on saving the people of Earth. Never mind the fact that the Black Moon specifically wanted to destroy all the planet's inhabitants so they could take it over themselves (which is repeatedly pointed out by Demande and Saphir), or that purification gets rid of mind-control and any other dark influences or energies without affecting the person's real personality. But these are often ignored in lieu of Neo-Queen Serenity brainwashing people "for the greater good".
  • Fix Fics used to frequently feature ways to explain why Haruka and Michiru weren't really gay. Some settled for Fixer Sues, others would twist the canon around to make Haruka turn into (or always have been) a boy. Still others would just pretend they weren't gay at all and change their relationship to merely being close friends or relatives (and this was before the dub did it for them). For obvious reasons, this strain of "fix" fic is all but extinct these days.


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