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Fandom Specific Plot / Happy Tree Friends

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The most common themes and conceptions portrayed in the Happy Tree Friends fandom- particularly the fanon anime fandom are:

  • The Happy Tree Friends characters are humanized and given depth and various backstories. Most of the time, the humanized characters are placed in a high school universe where more than two characters will find love. Usually, Flippy and Flaky will be the main couple of the story.
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  • Flippy and Flaky are spending time alone and doing what usual couples do, only to be interrupted by Splendid in a funny manner. He has affections for either Flaky or Flippy.
  • Flippy is overly obsessive and jealous when any other guy flirts with Flaky or even dares to get close to her. He will flip out and murder everyone around him, except Flaky.
  • Flippy tortures, molests, kills and rapes Flaky (or rarely, other character), but she still falls in love with him and forgives him, apparently having a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Flaky is a little kid and she has a crush on Flippy. Flippy returns her affections, despite her being a kid, but he doesn't act on it, even though Flaky wants him to. Often, she grows up under his care and they end up together.
  • Splendid and Giggles are sometimes attracted to each other, with Giggles being a kid/preteen and Splendid a fully grown man.
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  • Lifty and Shifty are pestering Flaky (or flirting with her). Flippy comes and murders them both.
  • Lifty and Shifty are pestering Splendid/flirting with him.
  • Lifty and Shifty rob Petunia, but she and Shifty have an interaction that causes them to fall for each other, at least twice involving Shifty giving her his phone number.


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